Don’t Let an Outdated Website Drag Down Your Estate Planning Practice

By Foster Web Marketing

The problem with websites is that they aren’t a one-and-done-thing. You have to add content. You have to keep up on the maintenance. And, over time, you have to be able to recognize when it’s time for an upgrade.

Technical standards for websites change every few years. People’s expectations for websites change, as well. The website that looked and worked great three years ago probably doesn’t look or work so well today. And that’s why, every few years or so, you need to redesign your website and bring it up to speed with today’s standards.

If you’ve noticed that your website doesn’t seem to be attracting new leads and clients like it used to, it’s probably time. If you’ve noticed that your website is slow or looks outdated compared to your competitors, it’s definitely time.

But getting a fresh website for your estate planning practice isn’t just a chore—it’s an opportunity. For all the ways an out-of-date website hurts your business and your client-attracting power, a redesigned website refreshes your marketing machine and propels your growth.

So, below, let’s talk about 5 ways that refreshing your website can give your business a powerful boost.

5 Ways Redesigning Your Website Boosts Your Estate Planning Business

Redesigning an estate planning website goes beyond just a visual overhaul. From enhanced accessibility to improved trust-building, a well-executed redesign can elevate an estate planning website from a simple online presence to a sophisticated platform that empowers clients, builds connections, and constantly drives new leads to your business. Here are 5 of the biggest benefits.

1. A professional, modern website communicates your brand and values.

Just like your website, your business doesn’t stay the same forever. You grow. You change. Employees come and go. Your goals shift over time. Your brand story adds new chapters, and your messaging to your clients has to change with the times. That’s one of the best parts of updating your website because it’s not just about technical upgrades in the background. It’s about the opportunity to tell your brand story, make better connections with clients and referral sources, and reflect the current day-to-day at your practice.

Are your goals the same as they were when you built your current website? Are the photos of your staff from 10 years ago? Have your services shifted over time? Have the ways you talk about your services shifted over time? Redesigning your website is a chance to bring everything back in line with the present day at your office and target the kinds of “perfect clients” you really want right now.

2. An updated website can increase online visibility and improve search engine rankings.

The introduction of Google’s Core Web Vitals in 2020 raised the bar for website technical health, and both search engines and your users notice when you’re lagging behind. Your search rankings are affected by how quickly your website loads, how current it is with security and privacy standards, and other technical issues. If you’re out of date, it’s likely that your visibility and rankings are already affected.

Ultimately, Google and other search engines prefer to show their users results from websites that are safe, secure, and seamlessly functional. And, because these standards change so often, that’s one of the biggest benefits of updating your website’s technical backend and design every few years. It keeps you in Google’s good graces, and it keeps your own users safer and happier when they use your site.

3. A mobile-friendly website that looks great on all devices motivates more conversions.

These days, almost everyone searches online with a mobile device at least sometimes. And people usually need at least 7 or so touchpoints with a business before they choose to work with them. They may start on a laptop, move to a desktop, and look you up on their phones several times before deciding to actually contact you. That’s exactly why you want a consistent experience across all devices—and you want that experience to be excellent every time.

You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where, for example, your website looks and works great on desktop, but it’s slow and hard to use on a phone or tablet. And you don’t want anyone to wonder if your mobile site is really YOU because the branding and colors don’t match the desktop version. If you don’t have a seamless, responsive design that adapts to views from all kinds of devices, there’s a good chance that you’ll lose great leads early in their “client journey.” And you’re unlikely to attract them back to you later.

4. Give clients an improved user experience to improve retention and referrals.

People’s expectations for websites change as fast as the technical standards do, and falling behind in this area packs a big punch. People are unwilling to wait around for a slow website to load. They’ll simply click back to search and visit a competitor instead. If your website is confusing or difficult to use, they’ll also click away. And if your website doesn’t include modern conveniences—like click-to-call buttons, chat capability, and intuitive navigation—you’ll leave people wondering how current and trustworthy your business really is.

If your website looks and functions like it was last updated in 2010, it erodes trust. And you will lose clients that feel like they can get a more modern, trustworthy, and convenient experience with a competitor.

5. Open up integrations and automation solutions that save you time and improve your results.

There’s a lot of software out there that can automate routine tasks, improve your customer service, improve your lead generation, and save you time. These are a huge part of modern marketing, as well as a huge part of what makes powerful marketing approachable for smaller firms with fewer staff members.

However, most of these options will only work with a website that meets some minimal technical standards and can handle the demands of the integrations. If your website has slipped behind over the past few years, you may not be able to effectively manage contacts, implement intake chat, get real-time lead notifications, or get the full benefit of your case-management software, for example. It leaves you scrambling to do it all manually, while your competitors enjoy the ease and opportunity of powerful software solutions.

Modernize Your Estate Planning Website to Increase Leads, Clients, and Profits

You know that it’s important to have a website and online presence for your estate planning practice. In today’s world, that’s how potential clients and referral sources find you. They’re not picking up a telephone book or writing down the phone number they see on a billboard. They’re heading to Google, asking Siri to find estate planners in their local area, and searching for answers to their questions online.

Don’t let an outdated website hold your practice back!

Book an appointment with the Foster Web Marketing team or call 888.886.0939 to learn more about how updating your website can improve everything you do to promote your business. We can analyze your current website, show you examples of award-winning designs, and start laying out a path to get you up to speed at a pace that makes sense to you.


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