If you're in the financial planning industry—whether you're a life insurance agent, registered investment advisor, annuity agent, or a full financial planner—you are already well-aware of the benefits of working on and investing in your business.  You probably already have an array of practice-building resources and tools out there to choose from, but one of the most overlooked and under-utilized tools that financial advisors are missing these days is the integration of estate planning, particularly working successfully with a trusted estate planning attorney.  We have a number of tools and resources to assist financial advisors in better developing these symbiotic referral relationships.



Practical educational programs that cover an array of financial, insurance and tax planning topics.


Developing Successful Referral Relationships
Learn how to develop a naturally beneficial referral relationship with an estate planning attorney that actually works!


Sell More Life Insurance
Do you know the 22 commonly overlooked uses of life insurance? Find out and start selling more life insurance!


Charts for Your Clients
Visual aids are powerful in front of clients and prospects. We have an array of client-friendly charts on IRAs, Roth IRAs, and many other topics!


Calculators & Software
Run the numbers with some calculators and software to help you determine what strategies are best for your clients!


Find a Lawyer
Looking to find an estate planning attorney to help your clients or to network with? Let us help you!


Phil’s presentation on the Top 22 Overlooked Uses of Life Insurance was one of the highlights of my MDRT experience this year.  Thanks again!

Mark Sheinkopf, CLU

Life Insurance Agent

Bethesda, Maryland

My relationship with Phil Kavesh began years ago, when I had the chance to be one of five financial advisors who worked closely with Phil’s law firm.  Phil took our group of already successful advisors and made us into million dollar producers, just by showing us how to take the ‘handoff’ from his attorneys.  Phil is an expert at creating alliances with advisors and introducing them to willing prospects.  Plus, when you experience Phil’s marketing strategies it’ll make you feel like you have been born again!  Attend his training programs and watch your practice soar to new heights!

Jack Keeter

Financial Planner
Multi-Million Dollar Producer

Yorba Linda, California

I have been attending MDRT meetings for 32 years and your presentation on the Top 22 Overlooked Uses of Life Insurance was one of the best.  Thank you for taking time to speak at MDRT.

Dominic Marsico, Jr., CLU, ChFC

Life Insurance Agent

Media, Pennsylvania

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I brought with me 2 different attorneys to learn more about how to develop a referral relationship from Phil Kavesh.  Well, during my time learning from Phil, I have gotten a lid pulled off my universe on how to do that and how to make this work and how to bring a real high-quality product back to my clients.  With this, the first thing I’m going to do is bring these other people back into the attorneys and get them to their seminars, get them into their office and I will be able to capture a lot more assets.  So, thank you very much!

Bill Landers

Financial Planner

Campbell, California