We work with a number of organizations that help with a variety of business, marketing, practice-management, client services, and legal/technical education.  These organizations are among some of the leaders in the industry and we recommend them either because our affiliated law firm uses them and/or our professional clients do!  Check them out and see if they may be of help to you and your practice!

  • Secure Online Client Document Storage & Health Care Document Emergency Card
  • Virtual Paralegal Services
    • Estate Planning Drafting (including WealthDocx®, ElderCounsel’s forms and much more!)
    • Trust & Estate Administration
    • Probate

DocuBank - Instant Access to Vital Documents

DocuBank is a value-added client service that thousands of attorneys provide for their clients each year, including Phil and his law firm. Founded in 1994, DocuBank is committed to enhancing attorney services by providing electronic document storage and emergency access to clients’ advance directives, as well as valuable marketing benefits.

When you sign up with DocuBank you will receive a full selection of features and benefits that you can choose from in order to best match your firm and how you wish to utilize the benefits that DocuBank provides.  Below are just some of the benefits of choosing DocuBank for your clients and your firm:

  • Immediate Access to Directives via Emergency Cards. Along with their healthcare directives, the DocuBank Emergency Card lists critical allergies and medical conditions. Additional notes to physicians and emergency contacts are also transmitted when the documents are requested.
  • Electronic Document Availability. DocuBank SAFE provides your clients with secure access to their complete estate plan and other important documents through a two-tiered password protected portal on DocuBank.com.
  • Worldwide Service Accessibility. The DocuBank Emergency Card makes information and documents available wherever there is internet or fax access.  Anywhere in the world.  
  • Quality with a Personal Touch. When clients call DocuBank customer service line they are greeted by a real live human being (some of whom have been with DocuBank for more than a decade), not an automated machine.
  • Proven Results. DocuBank’s member survey shows that 93% of members agree or strongly agree that DocuBank builds their confidence in their attorney and 93% are pleased or very pleased to receive this service. For DocuBank members who used the service to retrieve their documents when hospitalized, 99% preferred DocuBank to other methods of accessing their documents, including storing them with relatives.

Contact DocuBank and inquire about the
SPECIAL Ultimate Estate Planner discount and 3-Year Renewal Program!



Need Help Finding a Paralegal?

Finding good staff these days is challenging.  Finding a paralegal that can draft estate planning documents, help with estate administration, or take over your probate cases is damn near impossible.  However, there are very affordable options available—and we have these options for you!  Whether you need someone to help you draft estate plans (using WealthDocx®, ElderCounsel®, Interactive Legal or some other software) or you need some help with your trust/estate administration and probate matters.  We are here to help.




Foster Web Marketing is a boutique marketing company specializing in law firm web design, marketing strategies, and personalized coaching to take your practice to new heights. Our goal is to help you take control of your marketing so you can transform your practice, generate consistent leads, and ultimately, improve your quality of life.

We don’t do quick wins—we invest in your long-term personal and professional goals so you can sleep well, knowing your employees are taken care of and your family has comfort and security. We partner with you to understand what works and what leaves money on the table, and then we create and execute a plan to make your website and marketing more effective for your bottom line. We are here to provide the peace of mind that comes from a reliable, proven marketing strategy.

Get a free analysis of your online marketing presence and we’ll show you specifically what is dragging you down and, more importantly, we’ll tell you what needs to be done to fix it.


Sign Up for a FREE Website Analysis!




24/7 Legal Reception, Answering Service,
Legal Intake & Outbound Calling Services

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or just a busy professional without the staffing to help you with all of your current receptionist needs, LEX Reception is here to help!  LEX Reception offers not only 24/7 legal answer service, but you can also take advantage of their professional staff to assist with legal intake and outbound calling as well!  LEX is here to help!

Contact Brianna Quiroga at 1-866-309-0920
and take advantage of $150 OFF your first month!



Need More Clients?

Legal Marketing Maven is the Leading Direct-Response Content Agency
Exclusively for Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorneys

We create high-quality, effective and affordable marketing materials to capture the attention of your ideal estate planning and elder law clients.  This takes the burden off of the busy attorney from having to create content so that you (and your team) can focus on what you do best—servicing your clients and helping people plan for the future!




Have Some Negative Online Reviews
You Want Removed?

Online reviews can really impact your business—positively or negatively!  Some negative reviews may be legit, but often times there may be a misunderstanding between a prospective client, a disgruntled beneficiary, or someone who just doesn’t like the way you conduct (or have to conduct) your business.  If you have any negative reviews online (either Google, Facebook, Yelp, GlassDoor, Lawyers.com, Avvo, Martindale-Hubbel, etc.), then it’s important that you maintain your reputation by addressing these reviews and, if possible, getting them removed.  Getting them removed is tougher than you think, though!  We have some solutions for you and the best part about our solution is you only pay if and when they get the negative review removed!  Win-win!




Robert (“Bob”) Keebler is one of the nation’s leading CPAs and tax experts, providing estate planners all across the country with the latest updates in estate, gift, and income tax planning, plus retirement distribution planning, family wealth transfer and preservation planning, charitable giving, and estate administration. Bob is a partner with Keebler & Associates, LLP based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin and his firm frequently represents clients before the IRS in the private letter ruling process. Named by CPA Magazine as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Practitioners in the United States and among the Top 40 Tax Advisors to Know During a Recession, The Ultimate Estate Planner is pleased to work closely with Bob to bring estate planners some of the most up-to-date breaking news and planning strategies for clients.

He is a regular speaker on our educational teleconferences and he also has a number of tools that can assist you and your clients in the estate and income tax planning process.

Robert’s Teleconferences and On-Demand Programs

Wealth Counsel - Practice Excellence

WealthCounsel is a membership organization for estate planning attorneys that provides a number of valuable resources and tools to build and develop your estate planning practice. From WealthDocx®, a software system that will give you the ability to quickly and easily draft all of your clients’ estate plans, to its access to a powerful network of interaction and collegiality with fellow estate planners throughout the country (including an online-based community page, state-based forums, online education, Annual Symposium, newsletters, and more!).

Visit: www.wealthcounsel.com

Want an accurate transcription service with quick turnaround?  Look no further.  Scribie has been our transcription service, turning around transcriptions with a great deal of accuracy now for several years.  It’s simple to use and very cost-effective.  No longer do you need to utilize staff time to transcribe audio recordings and with easy audio and video recording options these days (Zoom, mobile phones, etc.), it makes it much easier than the time involved to type up transcriptions.  In a day and age where more and more firms need better training, procedures manuals, and resources for employees, utilize Scribie to help your business thrive!


Cloud15 Solutions’ mission is to streamline your CRM to help you grow your practice, retain leads, and provide the best service to your clients. They do this by automating your process and creating standard and efficient workflows.  Get help getting Lawmatics Legal Software set up quickly so that you can get back to lawyering.

Mit with Cloud15 Solutions has been the best investment I’ve made in my firm.
She is knowledgeable with Lawmatics and helps me to understand it better.
Whenever I have questions she is available and happy to assist me.
Without her expertise, I would be spending too much time working on
backend systems instead of meeting with clients.
I trust her wholeheartedly to set up my Lawmatics account,
maintain as needed, offer support, and create events. 

—Kendra Strong, Esq.

Mit is very responsive and quick to solve any Lawmatics issues my team may be having.
Due to Mit’s help, we are getting much more use out of our Lawmatics subscription.
I highly recommend hiring Cloud15 Solutions!


Contact Cloud15 Solutions directly and inquire about the
SPECIAL offer for Ultimate Estate Planner clients!