Estate Planning Attorneys

(ideally with at least 3 years of experience)

Plus Key Members of Their Firm

  • Office Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Executive / Personal Assistant
  • Other Key Associate Attorneys



  • Complete and return Questionnaire and Confidentiality Agreement
  • Have webcam and microphone (with Zoom)
  • Attend all 3 sessions (from start to finish)


  • Live, interactive 3-part course for you and EVERYONE in your firm!
  • Specific tips and guidance on how to get through the current crisis and recession-proof your practice!
  • Program handout materials
  • Over 80 Useful Exhibits (Checklists, Forms and Practice Tools), including forms in modifiable format (where applicable)
  • Live Q&A with Phil Kavesh and our Practice Success Coach, Kristina Schneider
  • Brand new Digital & Social Media Marketing session!
  • Networking with fellow Estate Planners (and staff)


November 3-5, 2021

8am to 12:30pm Pacific Time (daily)
8 2 spots available

All meetings are held online (via Zoom)




$2,495 $1,495

for your entire firm


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until someone in our office sends you an official confirmation e-mail (separate from the receipt).


Between taking the LSAT, going through law school and studying for exams, graduating and then having to study and pass the bar, all of these things have certainly prepared you to be a great lawyer.  You know all about torts, jurisprudence, legal theory, copyright and intellectual property, criminal law, and the court system.  You learn about estate planning, trusts, wills, probate and guardianship.

Law schools have failed lawyers on learning the ins and outs of actually running a successful law practice of their own as a business.

Think about it, most law school students don’t walk away on graduation day with their Juris Doctorate with any understanding of the following:

  • How to hire, train, manage, and compensate support staff and associate attorneys
  • How to market your services and bring in new clients on a consistent basis
  • How to package your services and set your fees so that you remain competitive and set yourself apart from others
  • How to monitor and evaluate your revenue on a monthly and annual basis with all of the appropriate metrics and means of analyzing what is working for you (and what’s not!)
  • How to set up the necessary systems and processes in place for your firm and how to get work done, so that you’re doing the things you want and love to do—along with the flexibility to take time off and enjoy your life outside of the office as well!

Many lawyers “fake it ’til they make it” on a lot of these areas of running a law practice as a business, but the truth is, that only gets you so far.  Before you know it, you’ve got a revolving door for employees, you’re constantly negotiating down and discounting your fees and services, and you’re working harder than ever with no break in sight.

If any of this sounds familiar, please understand that it’s not your fault and you’re not alone.

Are you ready to start seriously building your every dream?!

It all starts with getting the right coaching to open your mind (and your practice) to spectacular results!


If we could count the number of times that an attorney comes to us for help and so desperately wants all of the benefits that our breakthrough program and coaching can bring to them—but then they simply “don’t have the time.”

But, when will you ever have the time?  You have to make the time for it!

This becomes the classic chicken or the egg scenario.  Are you so busy and don’t have time for anything else because you’re constantly running along a hamster wheel that never ends?  Do you really have your own business then?  Or do you just have a job with a 60 or 80-hour work week and that pays no overtime and gives you no days off?  Is that the kind of practice you want?

More importantly…is that the kind of life you want?  Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Let us walk you through three practice-revolutionizing, life-changing sessions that will give you the necessary steps, tools, foundation and hand-holding that you need to take you from where you are right now to where you want to be.


People are boxed in by the boundary conditions of their thinking. We can only see that which we are.

When we’re young we listen to what our parents say, but we watch what they do and their actions become very potent non-verbal suggestions for how we should live our own life.

In addition to the programming and conditioning we receive from our parents or the environments we grew up in - we are continually taught lessons that could potentially disempower us through our experiences and significant emotional events in life.

What happens if in your heart you want to launch a business but if you were always taught that you had to get a job that paid a steady wage? Or perhaps you were taught that you weren’t good enough to be in business for yourself. Or that launching a business would equal a lack of security and pain…

People will tend to shrink in direct proportion to the degree that the Universe has proven itself to be hostile to them.  So if we’ve had a failed business or business relationships oftentimes we find ourselves withdrawing from the playing field and just not going for it anymore, perhaps not knowing who we can trust, or feeling like we can no longer believe in our dreams.

And whenever connection and communication go down so does creation.

So our businesses and our success screech to a halt.

Or perhaps we’ve had a bad experience in a relationship or a series of bad experiences that cause us to sort for these same types of issues over and over and over again with painstaking regularity or to pull ourselves out of the realm of relationships completely.

Imagination leads reality but the problem is that most of us have our imaginations running amuck!

So we talk ourselves out of launching the businesses that could set us free. We talk ourselves out of our skills and ability - - “I’m just not good at hiring or managing people.”

Or we convince ourselves that were not worthy of any of these things in the first place.

We fail to build our dreams, and chase away opportunities because our imagination gets the best of us.

Do any of these patterns sound familiar?

Without a radical rehabilitation of consciousness, it becomes really easy to give up before you’ve even begun.  This kind of powerful mindset issue is something that we directly address throughout our Ultimate Level program.

Your past programming and conditioning can destroy your future unless you take the steps to break the shackles to the past and set yourself free.

When you transform your associations to the past the future can become the brightest it’s ever been!


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