If you’re an estate planning attorney running your own law practice, we are certain that you have experienced the roller coaster of ups and downs that come with running a professional practice. In recent years, living trusts and wills have become a commodity and there's been a great deal of market competition added with the do-it-yourself kits and the cheap internet plans.  For the Estate Planning Attorney, we have a number of valuable tools to help you in your practice. Whether you're a true solo practitioner, part of a mid-size firm, or part of the estate planning department of a much larger firm—and whether you have 3 years, 13 years or 30 years of experience—there's something for everyone!



Legal Document Forms
Unique and innovative legal documents to add to your practice, including the
IRA Inheritance Trust®, The Successor Trustee Manual, The Personal Asset TrustSM (and Beneficiary Manual),
Pet Trusts, OBITs, JESTs and more!


Find out what law school didn't teach you—how to actually develop, build and run a successful law business!


Implement marketing strategies that actually work to develop a predictable stream of new clients and revenue.


Select from a vast library of legal, technical, practice-building and marketing teleconferences and On-Demand programs.


Developing Referral Relationships
Let us show you the "missing link" and help you learn how to develop a successful referral relationship with financial advisors that actually works!


Client Meeting Forms
Anything from engagement letters, disclaimers, client sign-offs, and more!


A number of books to help you and
your practice!


Advanced Estate Tax & Asset Protection Planning
Learn how to explain, market and engage more clients for various estate tax and asset protection planning techniques.


Coaching & Consulting
Need some one-on-one advice and guidance? We can help!


I attended Phil Kavesh’s 90-minute program, ‘How to Find, Hire, Train, Manage and Keep Associate Attorneys’ and this comprehensive program presents Phil’s unique insight into the single most challenging aspect of the law business for the small firm practitioner. The beautiful thing is that Phil explains in detail each and every key to developing a long-term successful associate attorney relationship. From regrooving your mindset to how to review resumes to how to set up compensation, Phil covers it all. I have been looking for something like this for 5 years and I must say that it was well worth the wait!

Ted Gudorf

Estate Planning Attorney

Dayton, Ohio

I followed Phil’s HIPAA Upgrade System exactly as he lays out to do so and in a couple of months, we had 40 of my 500+ clients send checks in for the update, which has generated about $20,000 of additional revenue for me and my firm. I had to hire an additional legal assistant to work on this project. We plan on sending out a second follow-up letter to generate additional revenue!

Stephen O’Neill

Estate Planning Attorney

Providence, Rhode Island

Phil’s program was by far one of the best marketing seminars that I have ever attended. He’s become my new Marketing Mentor!

Stephen Livens

Estate Planning Attorney

Bedford, Texas

The information that I received, including the Manuals and Seminar Marketing materials that I received from Phil’s program has literally turned my practice around! The support that we received (and continue to receive) from Phil’s team is nothing less than outstanding. I have started to use Phil’s Living Trust Seminar and the response has been tremendous! My calendar is now full and I have fees coming in the door to fund future growth. To say that I am excited is an understatement. The money that I spent to attend Phil’s program was the best money I have ever spent!

Simon Stapleton

Estate Planning Attorney

Charlottesville, Virginia

Kristina, just wanted to say thanks! With your assistance, I booked 9 appointments yesterday, which makes a total of 12 for the 2 day sweep. Of course, I still need to get planning commitments, but the appointments are certainly up from last time. And, I realize that my numbers can and should be even better than that. Fingers are crossed. The crowd was younger this time, we served food earlier, and I really tried to nail the open and close. All this contributed to a better response. Now, I just need to generate some business, so I can continue paying for my marketing.


Robert B. Vaksman

Estate Planning Attorney

Las Vegas, Nevada

I had the opportunity to meet Phil back in the 1990’s and attended his Ultimate Level event with high expectations and I was not dissatisfied at all. In fact, I recovered all of my expenses to attend in a matter of a couple of weeks just using one of the many tools that we received. I can now say that I have earned a very substantial amount of money due to the tools and concepts shared by Phil.

Richard Johnson

Estate Planning Attorney

Dallas, Texas

Thanks for the great marketing insights, Phil.  You have some great ideas that I am confident will boost my firm’s revenues!



Reed Scott

Estate Planning Attorney

Pleasanton, California

It’s only been 2 weeks since we started marketing Phil’s HIPAA Amendment Package and we have already made $20,000 with 72 responses from only 417 letters sent out. We’ve got a lot more to send out too! We can’t thank Phil and his team for all of their hard work and help to allow us to make more money. We really appreciate all of the great advice and this product to help us service and monetize our existing client database!

Molly Guidry

Office Manager for Estate Planning Services

Arlington, Texas

Phil’s Living Trust Seminar has provided me the tools necessary to get a very high appointment rate, and so far a very high close rate, too!  Several attendees have commented that this was the best seminar that they have ever seen!



James Morgan

Estate Planning Attorney

Northglenn, Colorado

If a client insists on naming an adult child as a Successor Trustee, this Successor Trustee Manual is a goldmine!

Frederic W. Burr

Estate Planning Attorney 

Louisville, Kentucky