This website is a valuable resource for me. Thank you!

Michael Sweet

Life Insurance Agent
Reston, Virginia

The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. is not only a company offering a suite of hard to find products and services, but their customer service philosophy and desire to add value to my practice was so excellent that it is nearly unbelievable! I am a busy guy, and often hard to connect with, but Kristina Schneider kept following up with me to make sure that I got what I needed. I have no doubt that the practice growth techniques that she recommended to me during my Seminar Marketing Consultation will form the foundation of the transition of my practice from a chaotic general practice to a successful and enjoyable estate planning practice that will serve my family well for years to come. Great company, great folks, great job!

Jerry P. Reisner

Estate Planning Attorney

Olean, New York

Over the past few months, I have purchased some products and services from The Ultimate Estate Planner and I will definitely continue to do so. The staff at Ultimate Estate Planner are such a joy to work with and the materials that have been provided to me have allowed me to help my clients.  Thank you!  I am grateful that Phil is willing to share his expertise and at such a reasonable pricing.  He has saved me immeasurable time and headache.  Keep up the great work that you provide the estate planning community!

Howard Stross

Estate Planning Attorney

Oldsmar, Florida

Thanks for taking the lead and putting together all of these educational teleconferences. You have really found a niche. The topics are great and timely. Unfortunately, I cannot attend them all. Some people might think paying to attend the call is a way to say “thanks” in of itself, but I just wanted to personally send you my thanks!

Guy Garner

Estate Planning Attorney
Arlington, Texas

I am very impressed with how Phil and his team at The Ultimate Estate Planner continue to give excellent and prompt assistance even after they’ve gotten their check. Very professional!

Gerald J. Turner

Estate Planning Attorney and CPA

Wellesley, Massachusetts

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The Ultimate Estate Planner helped me hire and get my first full-time employee in place so that I could really take my practice to the next level, and they’ve assisted me and my team along the way to find ways to work smarter, not harder.  Implementing some of their systems and processes took some work, but it was worth it.  I’m not sure there’s anywhere else where you can get this 40+ years of experience in the estate planning field, with a practice that is still in practice and using these systems.  My practice has been transformed in a short period of time and I’m very pleased”
Chris C.

I am proud to offer my clients what I consider to be the finest and most comprehensive estate planning services anywhere.  My practice is based on innovative legal documents and the revolutionary seminar marketing packages developed by Phil Kavesh, the founder and President of The Ultimate Estate Planner.  I have been an avid follower of Phil’s systems since the 1990’s and if you’re not using Phil’s materials, you’re clearly missing the boat!



Albert Vacek

Estate Planning Attorney
Houston, Texas