7 Reasons Marketing Automation Software Is the Ultimate Gift to Yourself

By Foster Web Marketing

You spend all year working with clients and crafting plans to secure their legacies. Now that it’s December, why not give a little something back to yourself that will make your life easier, save you time, and boost your business in 2024?

If it’s not already part of your strategy, marketing automation software is a real game-changer because it takes so much “busy work” off your plate—but that’s not all it can do. Below, let’s unwrap seven reasons why marketing automation software might be the ultimate gift for your estate planning practice this year.

1. Increase Client Satisfaction With Automated Updates

You never want to leave your clients hanging or wondering what’s going on, and you and your staff probably spend a fair amount of time sending out reminders and updates to keep your clients in the loop. However, if you’ve been doing it all by hand all this time, you’re really missing out.

That’s why I wanted to bring this up first. This is one of the simplest uses of marketing automation software, and it’s one of those things that can really even the playing field for smaller law firms that are trying to compete with larger, better-known businesses. With the right software, you can easily personalize and send automated updates, reminders, and follow-ups at every stage of the client journey. It’s something that saves you a massive amount of time while making your client experience better than ever!

2. Build Better Relationships With Targeted Messaging

Every estate plan is unique, and so is every client relationship you build. That’s exactly why you don’t want to send out generic messages that may not be relevant to everyone on your list.

Most marketing automation software allows you to tag and segment your contact list so that you can deliver tailored messages and content to the right people with the click of a button. So, for example, you can choose to send an email campaign only to prospective clients or only to contacts that have an interest in special needs trusts. This keeps your campaigns targeted, and targeted campaigns produce the best results. Plus, you won’t have to worry about leaving your contacts wondering, “Why did they send this to me?!”

3. Nurture Prospective Estate Planning Clients Through Their “Client Journey”

Prospective estate planning clients usually need a little time to make important decisions about their future. They tend to spend a lot of time in the “research phase” before choosing an estate planning attorney, and they need some extra reassurance that they’re making the right choices.

So, don’t let potential clients just drift away after they download your book, contact you through your website, or attend one of your webinars. With marketing automation software, you can set up the foundation to nurture those interested leads for weeks after their initial contact with you.

For example, we recommend sending an automated email drip campaign that triggers when someone downloads your book. These campaigns “drip” out emails to the contact over a period of time, and they might include a relevant case story, helpful information, and links to relevant content. This helps your prospective clients as they move through their “client journey,” and it positions you as the estate planning attorney who understands and cares about their needs. It’s that kind of automated care that turns more of your leads into actual clients over time.

4. Internal Reminders Keep Everyone on Track

Estate planning involves all kinds of deadlines and milestones, and it’s not just your clients that benefit from automated reminders. You can set up automated email reminders for yourself and your staff that keep everyone in your office on track.

For example, you might set up an automated reminder that it’s been one week since someone came in for a consultation, and it’s time for a follow-up call. Or you might set up an automated reminder to drop a refer-a-friend note in the mail 30 days after someone has completed an estate plan with you. It’s easy to set up, and no one falls through the cracks!

5. Promote and Manage Your Estate Planning Webinars, Workshops, and Events

A popular way to position yourself as an authority in the estate planning industry is by hosting educational webinars and workshops. But you have to do more than just show up and speak. You need to promote the event, manage it, and be ready to follow up with your attendees afterward. That’s how you elevate a simple event and turn it into a lead-generation powerhouse.

Marketing automation software is a real lifesaver here because it helps you do everything faster and more consistently. You can schedule your promotion sequences ahead of time, send tailored invites to the most relevant segments of your audience, manage your registrations, and have a sequence in place that keeps you top of mind with attendees and converts them into clients for your business. Once it’s set, you can host your event knowing that all the pieces are in place for you to get the most out of your effort.

6. Manage Your Social Media Presence and Build Your Brand

Some estate planning firms love social media, and others hate it. If you’re in the former category, you should know that there are marketing automation tools to assist you with everything from scheduling posts to monitoring engagement and responding to inquiries. The key to a positive social media presence is consistency, and automation keeps you on top of your game. And, ultimately, that’s what will help you reach a wider audience and reinforce your brand’s credibility.

And, hey, if you’re in the latter category, automation tools may just be the thing that converts you!

7. Make Data-Driven Decisions That Improve Everything You Do

Effective estate planning relies on meticulous analysis, and your business strategy should be no different. But you don’t have to spend hours pulling together all the data you need to make wise decisions for your business.

Marketing automation software can provide timely insights into campaign performance, lead sources, and client behavior. When you’re armed with accurate data, you can refine your marketing efforts for maximum impact and ROI. And that creates the foundation you need for smart growth and strategic expansion over time.

Embrace the Gift of Growth in 2024

Just as you gift your own clients with peace of mind throughout the estate planning process, gifting your own business with marketing automation software offers peace of mind in the form of enhanced efficiency, engagement, and growth. Curious about how our software solutions and integrations might fit into your practice?

You can see our powerful marketing automation software in action by scheduling a DSS demo or giving us a call at 888.886.0939


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