Living Trust Forms Bundle Package

If you’re an estate planning attorney, you most likely already have a Living Trust legal document form that you’re currently utilizing in your practice.  However, have you thought about other forms for your practice to not only better streamline the estate planning process for your clients, but to also enhance the Living Trust document that you provide them?

For example, do you utilize color flow charts that help visually show a client how their Living Trust will work?  This is one of the easiest ways to explain the planning that you did for your client quickly and easily in the signing process.  We have a color flow chart for the Living Trust that has been developed in Microsoft Word and is very easy to use and very simple for the clients to follow.

Do you provide your clients an estate planning portfolio - - basically a binder where they can reference their estate planning documents, if needed?  If so, does your estate planning portfolio have things like an Location List, a Contact List, or a Review Checklist to help keep your clients and their important information organized and stored in one place?

Do you provide your clients with a Trust Identification Card?  A laminated card (with your firm’s logo and branding on it) that they keep in their wallet and use whenever they’re at the bank or need to know how to title their assets?

See?  There’s probably lots of things that you might have overlooked and these simple forms provided to you in this bundle package will help enhance your current practice and the end product that you’re delivering to your client.  You can buy these forms individually, but that would total over $360.  Or, you can get our Living Trust Forms Bundle Package for just $299.

(By the way, if you’re looking for a way to provide enhanced features to your Living Trust, you might want to check out our complete Living Trust Legal Document Form Package, featuring Phil Kavesh’s unique Personal Asset TrustSM.  These forms for the Living Trust are just one small part of that complete package. For more information about our Personal Asset Trust Legal Document Form & Technical Training Package, click here.)

You might also be interested in our Ultimate Estate Planning Client Meeting Forms Bundle Package, which comes complete with all 5 forms found in the Living Trust Forms Bundle Package, plus several other forms to help you and your practice. For more information, click here.

What’s Included in the Living Trust Forms Bundle Package?

The Living Trust Forms Bundle Package comes complete with the following forms:

  • Living Trust: Color Flow Charts – Married and Single Living Trust flow charts, which are a great visual diagram to summarize the distribution and planning structure of your client’s estate plan.
  • Living Trust: Owner’s Manual Inserts & Coverpages – These are handouts utilized to assemble the complete Living Trust Owner’s Manual (or binder), including section coverpages, Location Lists, pages for important contact information, specific directions from the client to the Trustee, a Review Checklist and much more!
  • Living Trust: Drafting Notes Summary Page – This is an internal form used within a client’s estate planning file to help summarize the most recent planning design done for them, so at any point you can pull a client’s file and easily see all that you need to know about a client’s estate plan.
  • Living Trust: Trust Identification Card – This is a template for business card-sized Trust ID cards that you laminate and provide to clients to keep with them for easy and quick access while at banks, escrow companies and other financial institutions to ensure the proper titling of assets into the name of their Living Trust.

All forms come in a modifiable version (Microsoft Word) so that you can brand and modify them to your specific practice.

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