Estate Planning Forms Bundle Package

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Whether you’ve been an estate planning attorney in practice for less than 3 years or for more than 30 years, it’s important to have a system for how you meet with your prospects and clients.  It’s a great idea to have all of the necessary forms at your fingertips to make that process as efficient, smooth, and productive as possible.  Further, as an attorney, it is important to have forms that will not only help motivate prospects to move forward, but to also protect your firm from any liability when a client is advised to do (or not to do) something.

We are pleased to make available to the estate planning community 7 Estate Planning Client Meeting Forms - - developed and used by estate planning attorney, Phil Kavesh’s, law practice.

This includes necessary forms for the estate planning process, including not one, but three questionnaires for a prospect or client to complete before coming in for a meeting.  Plus, a very simple and easy-to-use one-page engagement letter.  Additionally, there are a number of acknowledgments, sign-offs, and checklists for the whole estate planning process to help you better streamline your estate planning meeting process with clients and prospects.

You can purchase these items individually for a total of over $440.  Or, you can purchase our Estate Planning Forms Bundle Package for a one-time discounted licensing fee as low as $349.

You might also be interested in our Ultimate Estate Planning Client Meeting Forms Bundle Package, which comes complete with all 7 Estate Planning Client Meeting Forms, plus several other forms to help you and your practice.  For more information, click here.

What’s Included in the Estate Planning Forms Bundle Package?

The Estate Planning Forms Bundle Package comes complete with the following forms:

  • Estate Planning Questionnaires – Contains three questionnaires for prospects and clients to complete before coming in to meet with you, including: 1) New Trust Client Questionnaire for individuals that have never had a Living Trust prepared before. 2) Review Trust Client Questionnaire for individuals who have had a Living Trust prepared already. 3) Client Review Questionnaire for existing clients who already have a trust prepared by your law firm.
  • Estate Planning Engagement Letter – A simple one-page engagement form authorizing the legal representation of a client, laying out the date of completion, payment due upon signature and payment due upon the signing of the client’s estate planning documents.
  • Divorce Checklist for Estate Planning Clients – An internal checklist of estate planning issues to be considered when a client is current undergoing a divorce. (NOTE: This form was developed under CA law and may need to be modified to apply to your particular state’s laws and regulations).

All forms come in a modifiable version (Microsoft Word) so that you can brand and modify them to your specific practice.

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