Are You Running Your Practice
Is It Running You?

There’s a big difference between managing your practice (and just about surviving each day) and leading it successfully.

Unfortunately, you weren’t taught leadership skills in school or CE classes.  The good news is, they can be learned - - either the hard way, through years of exhausting trial and error, or with the help of an expert so you can help you turn around your practice and improve the quality of your everyday life.

Join us and professional business coach David Giuliano for a one-of-a-kind 90-minute presentation entitled “The Effective Law Practice Leader”.  You’ll learn:

  • How to successfully lead your staff, clients and referral sources - - and, most importantly yourself!
  • Overcoming issues of trust which you may be having with yourself and others - - and may be holding you back!
  • How to overcome other common fears and limiting beliefs - - both conscious and unconscious!
  • The questions to ask to uncover the true leader inside of you
  • How to utilize the power of No!
  • Mastering the art of safe and effective communication
  • How to enjoy a daily work environment where you are proactive and in control, rather than reactive and out of control!

When you attend this presentation, if you like what you hear and choose to learn more, you’ll also be entitled to a follow-up, FREE 30-minute, one-on-one personal consultation with the presenter, David Giuliano.

Could your everyday work life be improved? If so, you can’t afford to pass up this teleconference and personal consultation!


  • Program Title: The Effective Law Practice Leader
  • Speaker:
  • Duration: 90 minutes

David Giuliano

David Giuliano

After a highly successful, 25-year career in the automotive industry, New Jersey native David Giuliano realized his true calling. It was his gift of conflict resolution, which ultimately led him to the world of professional coaching. He thrives in this element and it always seems like the worse the predicament, the more David helps people resolve previously hidden conflicts.

David went back to school to hone his natural abilities and earn the professional credentials needed. As a student at The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), he realized that the fundamental key to life is being able to connect with other people, to information and to living in general. This insight became the impetus for his mantra “it’s all about connection.”

In 2008, David founded Without Boundaries Coaching and since then he has successfully served hundreds of business professionals and small to mid-size companies with conflict resolution and business expansion support. His coaching practice is built not just on theory or what he learned in coaching programs, but largely as a result of boots on the ground business experience.

In 2015, David authored his first book called, Choose Connection, where he covers powerful techniques for creating the authentic connections that become possible when you tap into your genuine passions and talents, then carry that essence of yourself into every interaction in your business life, personal relationships, health and spirituality.

Although David currently practices in Los Angeles, he services numerous clients across the country and has over 1,000 hours of coaching experience.  He is a member of the International Coach Federation and a highly regarded member of the St. Monica Catholic Community.


The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. and the presenter are not registered Continuing Education Sponsors and this program is not pre-approved for continuing education credit for any state or regulatory agency.

However, please note that each program includes a Certificate of Completion and, depending on the license and the regulatory agency for which governs a participant’s CE credit, some professionals may be able to self-report his or her participation and receive credit. It is the responsibility of the participant to complete any process necessary to seek self-reported CE credit for his or her participation. By registering for a teleconference (or purchasing on On-Demand program), you understand that CE credit is not guaranteed or warranted by the presenter or The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc.


  1. Darrell Eskam, CPA

    Great information! I can apply many of the concepts to my CPA practice.

  2. Phil Kavesh

    I highly recommend to you the business coaching services of David Giuliano.

    I have had many business advisors over the 30 years of running my company. However, I have found David’s services to be unique in two ways.

    First, based on his many years of business experience, David was able to bring a fresh, more independent perspective to my strategic planning than my CPA, business associates and attorney, who are involved on a more daily basis with my business. He came up with a number of insightful and valuable approaches that neither I, nor my other advisors, had before considered.

    Second, David’s process not only evaluated my business from a profit and loss perspective, but from the perspective of my own personal goals and the type of energy I bring to the business. He helped me overcome many of my long held habits and beliefs that restricted my business judgments and decision-making.

    I am sure that you will find David’s coaching to be as valuable for you – – both personally and for your business – – as I have.

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