“The Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes People Make” Free Report for Clients & Prospects

A lot of professionals spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on marketing. They have fancy websites, perhaps even radio or television shows or advertisements.  They have companies putting up social media content.  They’re doing videos on YouTube and TikTok.  All that and they really have no direct response to their marketing efforts.  A hook to capture leads who are interested, but not ready to make a commitment to attend a seminar or schedule a consultation.

If you have no tool to convert your audience into actual leads that you can follow up with and to engage your services, then what’s the point?

For decades now, Phil Kavesh has utilized a lead-generation report to help drive qualified, serious leads to his law firm.

And now, his tested and proven lead-generation report entitled, “The 10 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes People Make (and How to Avoid Them!)” is now available for sale to other estate planners to customize and use in their practice for the same purpose!

This 24-page report incorporates Phil’s over 40 years of experience in the estate planning industry. His law firm utilized this report for several years on his local television show, throughout radio show interviews and on his law firm’s website to help gather prospective client leads. While this report is available to you in a form that you can modify and customize to your liking, it is generic enough to be used by attorneys and advisors from all states and is a great way to get valuable information out to prospects and motivate them to want to come in and meet with you to get their estate planning done. This report can also be distributed at your seminars, in your lobby, at local trade shows and to prospects through your referral sources.

What’s Included?

“The Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes People Make” Free Report for Clients & Prospects comes with:

  • Modifiable 24-page Microsoft Word document so that you can modify the report to your firm’s name, brand, colors, etc.
  • Implementation Instructions

NOTE: While intended to be generic enough for universal applicability, purchasers will need to review the report to ensure it meets any and all firm-specific services and any particular issues that may be specific to your state. We have even highlighted any areas that may require customization or make reference to issues that may be specific to California.  Not available for sale to purchasers in Los Angeles or Orange County, California.

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