How to Successfully Market an Estate Planning Practice by Philip J. Kavesh

The concept of “marketing” for most lawyers comes with mixed feelings and opinions.  On the one hand, most lawyers look at the concept of “marketing” as being unprofessional.  But, if you have your own estate planning practice, then you are a business owner.  And marketing for any business, but especially for estate planning attorney business owners, is a must!

It doesn’t have to be “cheap” or “sleazy” and can be done professionally and successfully, but you have to know how!

Think about all of your current marketing strategies to drive new business into your firm.  Many estate planning attorneys will tell me that they don’t have time to market or they’re “too busy”, but then when I get under the surface, I figure out the hours upon hours of free attorney consultations (by phone, Zoom or in-person meetings) that are being given away by the attorney and/or support staff with potential client leads.  And the closing percentage of those prospects that convert to clients is not that impressive, either!

What better way to figure out how to successfully market your estate planning practice than to learn from a successful estate planning attorney?!  One who is still in business now and who has built his practice over the last 40 years and who continues to use these marketing strategies today to get new clients - - and who has helped hundreds of others do so as well!

In this 31-page downloadable PDF book, you will learn how to successfully market an estate planning practice through time-tested and proven methods that actually work!  Nothing just based on theory or what worked many years ago, but rather what’s working today and in a highly competitive market.




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