Robert Keebler’s SECURE Act Client PowerPoint Bundle Pack

Four Customizable
PowerPoint Presentations to Help You
Educate and Inform Your Clients
About the SECURE Act!

As you are well aware (or should be aware), the SECURE Act drastically changes the RMD rules with respect to inherited IRAs and defined contribution plans.  Now, more than ever, it is important that you’re the one helping guide your clients properly through the maze of changes and planning considerations that should be made going forward.

To help you do this, we are pleased to make available four modifiable PowerPoint presentations that you can download right away and use in your one-on-one meetings or at a seminar that you present to your clients (and prospects!).

These four presentations will give you all of the tools, visuals and answers to the questions that your clients are sure to have about the SECURE Act and you can get all four of them for just $149.

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Your purchase includes immediately downloadable, modifiable PowerPoint presentations, MP3 Seminar Scripts, & PDF Presentation Scripts that will be e-mailed you, that include the following:

PRESENTATION #1: SECURE Act Basics & Overview (23 slides)

  • The Ten-Year Rule
  • Managing the Income Tax Consequences of the Ten-Year Rule
  • The Conduit Trust Disaster
  • Planning techniques to consider

PRESENTATION #2: Roth Conversion Planning After the SECURE Act (28 slides)

  • General concepts
  • Taxation of Roth IRA conversions and distributions
  • The mathematics of Roth IRA conversions
  • Estate tax considerations

PRESENTATION #3: Life Insurance Planning and Techniques After the SECURE Act (13 slides)

  • Two Strategies:
    • IRA Roth Conversion Insurance Hedge
    • IRA Relocation: Replacing an IRA with insurance
  • Policy Structure
  • Terminal Tax Deferral
  • Tax-free compounding of yield
  • No Roth RMDs during life
  • Post-Mortem Roth earnings

PRESENTATION #4: IRAs Payable to CRTs After the SECURE Act (20 slides)

  • Inherited IRAs
  • Review of SECRUE Act Ten-Year Rule
  • Types of CRTs
    • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT)
    • Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT)
  • Taxation of Distributions

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