Phil Kavesh’s SECURE Act Seminar Presentation & Marketing Package

Are You Looking for an Easy-to-Use,
Client-Friendly Presentation to
Explain the SECURE Act?

Look no further!

Estate planning attorney, Phil Kavesh, is known for taking some of the most complex, sophisticated, and difficult-to-explain planning concepts and making it client-friendly, easy-to-understand, practical, and just what clients need to know to be able to make informed planning decisions.  The SECURE Act has been challenging for many estate planning professionals to explain to their clients, but this Seminar Package has everything that you need to be able to explain the SECURE Act to clients and prospects.

Whether you want a tool to use to give seminar presentations - - either live or as webinars - - or you’re looking for a tool with some visual aids for one-on-one meetings with clients (or prospects), this seminar is just what you need!

If you’re an attorney that has drafted (or is looking to draft) standalone IRA Beneficiary Trusts for your clients, this is the perfect presentation to help explain the planning options and get clients to book appointments and move forward to decide what it is they need to do.


What’s Included in Phil Kavesh’s SECURE Act Seminar Presentation & Marketing Package?

This package includes the following:

  • PowerPoint Presentation – A 28-slide, consumer-friendly presentation to give as a seminar (live or done as a webinar) or in your one-on-one meetings to help explain the complexities of the SECURE Act and how the SECURE Act may impact your clients’ IRA planning options.
  • Seminar Script – A script to help you know exactly what to say for each slide.
  • Marketing Piece – A marketing piece that can be used as a direct mail letter/flyer or converted into an e-mail piece to drive interest and attendance to your presentation.
  • Seminar Outline – A seminar outline to provide to your clients and prospects so that they can follow along your presentation.
  • Seminar Response Form – Probably one of the most important handouts at the seminar, the seminar response form is helpful for gathering interest and getting permission to reach out to attendees after the seminar.

Materials are provided in a modifiable format, so that you can edit and brand these items with your firm logo, colors and likeness.  You can also edit content as you see fit for you and your audience.

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