Personal Consultation with Attorney Philip Kavesh

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Several of estate planning professionals have seen the value in tapping into the vast knowledge our President and nationally renowned estate planning attorney, Philip Kavesh, has acquired over the past 40+ years in the business.  (View Phil’s Biography)

For the first time in years, you now have the opportunity to schedule a personal one-on-one telephone consultation with Phil to cover an array of topics of your choice, including, but not limited to:

  • Unique Legal & Technical Planning Strategies
  • Seminar Marketing (to Consumers and Professionals)
  • Better Servicing Existing Clients
  • Developing Successful Referral Relationships with Financial Advisors
  • Closing More Client Meetings and Handling the Toughest Objections
  • Integrating Other Estate Planning Services (such as Financial Planning, Advanced Estate Tax Planning) Into Your Practice
  • Office Management & Infrastructure
  • Purchase and Merger of Your Practice (or Another Practice)
  • Hiring and Training Staff and/or Associate Attorneys
  • Much, much more!

If you were to walk away from this consultation with just one great idea to implement in your practice, or one idea to make your firm more efficient, help you close one more case, help you satisfy one more client with your planning, you will more than make up the cost of this consultation.  And we trust that you will walk away with more than just one great idea!

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Your Personal Consultation with Phil includes:

  • Your choice of one(1) 60-minute consultation or four(4) quarterly 60-minute consultations
  • A 60-minute live and interactive session on Zoom
  • An MP4 Video and Audio Recording of the Consultation
  • 25% Discount on Any Product Recommendations that Phil may have for you

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