IRA Fact Sheet

Want a Simple, Easy-to-Follow
IRA Fact Sheet to Give to Clients?

Thanks to Denise Appleby of Retirement Consulting, Inc. and IRA Publications, LLC, we are pleased to bring you a very practical, easy-to-use IRA Fact Sheet that you can use whenever you’re meeting with your clients and professional referral sources.

This IRA Fact Sheet includes:

  • 2021 Limits for Traditional IRAs and Other Retirement Plans
  • MAGI Limits for Deducting Contributions to Traditional IRAs
  • MAGI Limits for Contributing to a Roth IRA
  • AGI Limits for Eligibility for Savers Credit: Salary Deferral
  • Education Savings Account Limits
  • The 2021 Estate, Gift and Kiddie Tax Limits
  • Uniform Lifetime Table
  • Age Related Rules for Retirement Accounts

All of this is provided in a 1-page, 2-sided 8.5″ x 11″ PDF Chart that you can use in your practice for a reasonable one-time licensing fee.  You have the option to choose between 4 beautiful colors or the option for a fully custom-designed chart with your own firm colors, logo, contact information, etc.  You also have the opportunity to upgrade your purchase of any one of the four available colors with the branding, where we will add your company logo and contact information for an additional fee (available during checkout).



The IRA Fact Sheet includes:

  • A 2-page 8″ x 11.5″ PDF chart in your choice of either green, blue, burgundy, gold or custom-designed.
  • A license to print and distribute the PDF chart to your clients and referral sources.
  • The PDF chart can be posted to your website, provided that it’s watermarked and protected from printing.


Do these colors not fit your company’s branding?  Select the custom-design option and you can choose up to 3 of your own colors for the chart, plus add your firm logo, contact information, disclaimer language (if any) and your photo (if you wish).

NOTE: This product does not include any printed versions of the chart. For more information about purchasing printed versions of the chart (in limited colors only), click here.



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