2022 IRA Fact Sheet

Want a Simple, Easy-to-Follow
IRA Fact Sheet to Give to Clients?

Thanks to Denise Appleby of Retirement Consulting, Inc. and IRA Publications, LLC, we are pleased to bring you a very practical, easy-to-use IRA Fact Sheet that you can use whenever you’re meeting with your clients and professional referral sources.

This IRA Fact Sheet includes:

  • 2022 Limits for Traditional IRAs and Other Retirement Plans
  • 2022 MAGI Limits for Deducting Contributions to Traditional IRAs
  • 2022 MAGI Limits for Contributing to a Roth IRA
  • 2022 AGI Limits for Eligibility for Savers Credit: Salary Deferral
  • Education Savings Account Limits
  • Age Related Rules for Retirement Accounts
  • Contribution limits when participating in multiple plans
  • Correction rules for excess IRA contributions

All of this is provided in a 1-page, 2-sided 8.5″ x 11″ PDF Chart that you can use in your practice for a reasonable one-time licensing fee.  You have the option to get this chart custom-designed chart with your own firm colors, logo, contact information, etc.


The IRA Fact Sheet includes:

  • A 1-page (2-sided) 8″ x 11.5″ PDF chart (option to custom-design the chart with your firm logo and colors for an additional fee)
  • A license to print and distribute the PDF chart to your clients and referral sources.
  • The PDF chart can be posted to your website, provided that it’s watermarked and protected from printing.

NOTE: This product does not include any printed versions of the chart.



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