How to Write a Proper Business Letter

Step-By-Step Instructions on
How to Write a Business Letter

Writing letters seems like a skill that most people would know how to do, but that is definitely not the case.  Business letters, in particular, have more formality and that formality is important to maintaining a professional reputation and status, as well as properly conveying the importance of the message in the letter itself.

This 8-page white paper will guide you through each step to a proper and well-drafted business letter—from the date to the signature line (and beyond!).

You will also have the ability to download a modifiable Microsoft Word template with a very simple, easy-to-use template for writing the perfect business letters!


8 Page White Paper

  • Downloadable Adobe® PDF file (sent by e-mail following your purchase)
  • Downloadable Microsoft Word Business Letter Template (link included in PDF file)
  • Published November 2013, revised July 2022

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