Flexible Irrevocable Trust Legal Document Form Package

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An Irrevocable Trust That’s Not Irrevocable?  YES!

Many clients and prospective clients acknowledge the need for and desire to save on taxes and protect their assets.  However, most of them don’t want to set up a trust that’s “irrevocable” with the perception that it is now “etched in concrete” with the inability to adapt or be amended should they need it to.

And when you, as an estate planning professional, examine your clients’ and prospective clients’ old irrevocable trusts, and you want to change or upgrade them to meet the latest planning techniques or to update them to your clients’ (or prospective clients’) goals and wishes, you too can become equally as frustrated because they cannot be amended.

Fortunately, there’s a solution—one that’s great for both your clients and for you—our unique “Flexible” Irrevocable Trust Legal Document Form Package.

You could spend countless dollars and hours on your own researching, designing, developing and testing this level of specially enhanced irrevocable trust, but you don’t have to. Let us help you easily, quickly and reasonably add this unique strategy to your practice.  The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. is pleased to present nationally renowned estate planning attorney, Phil Kavesh’s unique “Flexible” Irrevocable Trust Legal Document Form Package, which includes:

  • Trust Document:
    • With easy to drop in or delete optional paragraphs
    • Table of Contents
    • 3 versions
    • Single, Individual Trustor
    • Married Couple (1 Trustor)
    • Married Couple (2 Trustors)
  • Color Flow Chart Summary
  • Accompanying Documents:
    • Spousal Release of Community Property Rights
    • Bill of Sale (for when selling an existing life insurance policy to the Trust to avoid the 3-year estate tax inclusion rule)
    • Letter to the Bank
    • Letter to Insurance Company to Transfer Policy Ownership and Beneficiary
  • Sample Binder Inserts and Cover Pages, Including:
    • Explanatory Cover Letter to the Client
    • Procedures Checklist for Operation of the Trust by the Client and Trustee
  • Marketing Handout for Clients and Prospects (1 page, 2-sided flyer)

All documents come in Microsoft Word format, so that you can easily and quickly customize and modify the documents when preparing them for your clients!  All of this is available for a one-time licensing fee, which you will easily make up with the sale of just one Flexible ILIT.

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