Properly Merge, Acquire & Sell a Practice Package

Whether you’re looking to purchase, merge or sell your estate planning practice, it is easy to see how it can quickly become a difficult and even cumbersome process. If you’ve never done it before (or perhaps you’ve tried and it wasn’t successful or it wasn’t handled in the way you would have liked), it certainly would be helpful to know the various steps, procedures, considerations, negotiating terms and conditions and options you may have in order to carry out the successful purchase or merger of your law firm, or perhaps even the sale of your practice.

Rather than reinvent the wheel by yourself, why not be able to get all of these things from someone who has already successfully done this multiple times?

We are pleased to present to you our Properly Merge, Acquire & Sell a Practice Package, which comes not only with the training that you will need to know what to do, but all of the tools, checklists, marketing materials, contracts and purchase agreements, and firm merger marketing materials needed to do this so that this experience is a win-win for everyone involved!

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What’s Included in the Properly Merge, Acquire & Sell a Practice Package?

The Properly Merge, Acquire & Sell a Practice Package comes complete with the following items:

  • 90-Minute In-Depth Training Package entitled, “How to Successfully Acquire (or Sell) an Estate Planning Practice” (a $349 value!).  You will receive the handout materials and audio recording of this 90-minute training program with nationally renowned estate planning attorney, Philip Kavesh, who has purchased and merged in practices into his own law practice successfully three different times in his career.  So, whether you’re looking to sell your practice or purchase or acquire another practice, you will find out all of the tested and proven steps needed to ensure that this is done the right way!
  • A Simple Checklist to help guide you through the steps that you will need from start to finish in order to successfully purchase, merge or sell your estate planning practice.
  • Marketing Materials to help you solicit prospective purchasers (or buyers).
  • Tools for the Investigation and Negotiation Process so that you can get all of the information that you will need to determine if you have found the right buyer (or seller). This includes a Confidentiality Agreement and a checklist for evaluating a practice so that you can evaluate and help negotiate the price on the purchase (or sale).
  • Three Sample Contracts so you can see three different, yet successful, ways to structure the purchase and merger of another practice and determine the right terms and conditions for your particular practice and personal needs.  These come in a modifiable format so that you can quickly and easily use these forms in your practice!
  • Firm Merger Marketing to successfully merge the firms together and announce the merger to clients and prospective clients in a way that maximizes the potential revenue generation and proper transition of the firm, including announcement letters, sample seminar announcement and selling attorney testimonial letter.

You will receive all of these items in a modifiable Microsoft Word format for you to be able to easily modify, edit and adjust where necessary for your firm’s needs.


  1. Robert Galliano, Esq.

    I purchased Phil’s package with all the checklists, forms and even sample contracts to merge and sell my practice. I was able to follow his step-by-step instructions and use the tools that he’s put together for his own practice and successfully sell my practice in just 8 months. I am happy. The new firm I’ve merged with is happy. And, more importantly, my clients are being serviced properly and they are happy!

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