COVID-19 Forms Package

Are You Meeting Clients In-Person?

Following the COVID-19 Pandemic, You Are Going to Need This!

As more and more estate planning professionals are re-opening their doors to meet with clients in-person, it is become more and more clear that there may be some potential risks and liabilities taken with all that’s going on.

This is why our President, estate planning attorney, Philip Kavesh, has put together three forms that every practitioner (whether you’re an attorney, CPA, financial advisor, trust officer, etc.) should have!

We are pleased to announce the release of our COVID-19 Forms Package, which includes the following:

  • In-Person Appointment Confirmation – This is sent to the client (via e-mail) prior to the in-person meeting to summarize the various safety precautions being taken in our office (and our office building) to help keep visitors safe.  It also lays out what they can expect when they arrive, including how we will bring them into the building for their appointment, take their temperature, and have them complete/sign the following two forms.
  • COVID-19 Client Health Questionnaire – This is a simple one-page questionnaire that asks basic health questions that the client fills out and signs, effectively attesting that they are healthy enough to enter the office and conduct the meeting.
  • COVID-19 Waiver of Liability – This waiver is for the clients to acknowledge they understand the potential health risks of COVID-19 and being out anywhere (including our office building and individual office), while releasing us of liability for these risks and that they are voluntarily coming in on their own despite understanding these risks.
  • Instructions for Use & Disclaimer

These forms were put together with significant input and guidance from a business and labor law attorney here in California.  While there may be some updates and compliance review required (depending on where you’re located and what your state/local regulations require), these forms will help put in place some safety nets for you and your practice now that you may be meeting with clients in-person!

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