Corporate & Private Group Seminar Training Package

A little low on cash or don’t want to plunk down the money needed to successfully do your own direct marketing for a retail seminar? One of the most successful and inexpensive ways to develop a retail seminar marketing campaign is to give private retail seminars in front of various groups, clubs and organizations. Anything from your local non-profit groups and churches to retirement clubs and local organizations looking to add benefits for their employees.

The beautiful thing is that once you get a few under your belt, you will see how it can help generate a “domino effect” of new speaking engagements for you and your firm!

We are pleased to present our Corporate & Group Seminar Training Package, which provides you the tips and training necessary for you and your staff to begin generating qualified client prospects through private group seminars!

What’s Included in The Corporate & Group Seminar Training Package?

The Corporate & Group Seminar Training Package comes with the following items:

  • Training Video with just over 2 hours of in-depth, step-by-step instruction from our President, Phil Kavesh!
  • Introduction Letters to help your staff get you in front of the right people at any local groups, clubs or organizations.
  • Telephone Script so that you (or your staff) know what to say and how to say it when speaking with the people that will get you the speaking engagements you’re seeking!
  • Seminar Pre-Qualifying & Specifications Forms to determine if the group has the right demographics and audience to make it worthwhile for your time. This also helps keep your staff organized to ensure that you request everything you need and that no detail goes overlooked in the process.
  • Hot Topics List detailing the various types of seminar presentations that you can give so that a group or audience can customize the talk to the needs of their particular audience.
  • Confirmation Letters and Corporate Disclaimers
  • Model Testimonial Letters to help you create the “domino effect” through the recommendations of groups that you give presentations for!

All documents in this package come in a modifiable Microsoft Word format for you easily customize them to the needs of you and your staff.

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