Client 3-Year Review Marketing Package

Time and time again, we continue to see estate planning lawyers forget to service the most important potential “new” business that they have right at their fingertips - - their existing clients!

Estate planning clients are a unique group of clients for lawyers. Unlike most areas of law, they require further nurturing and on-going counseling and maintenance of their estate plans.  And your existing clients are your best potential for continued repeat business!

Think about it, they clearly already understand the importance of getting their estate planning done.  They have already spent their hard-earned money and time invested into you and your firm.  They’ve developed a level of trust and rapport with you and your staff.  Whenever they need to update their plan (whether with changes they have or with changes they should consider because of law changes or changes in planning technology), they should be coming back to you to get this planning done.  But, many clients believe that once they’ve set up their estate plan, it’s done and there’s nothing else to do!  And what’s worse is that many of the attorneys only continue to perpetuate that belief by never contacting them ever again!

Phil Kavesh’s law firm has consistently bringing back existing clients for review meetings for over 20 years and his existing clients make up for over 50% of the firm’s revenue on an annual basis.  Find out how to do this with our unique Client 3-Year Review Marketing Package.

What’s Included in the Client 3-Year Review Marketing Package?

The Client 3-Year Review Marketing Package comes with the following items:

  • Initial 3-Year Review Postcard with instructions about how to use this effective piece to get your clients to call you and book their appointment when it’s time.
  • 3-Year Review Telephone Script to help your staff make outbound calls to existing clients who have not responded to the postcard and to book their free review meeting with you.
  • How to Handle Common Objections with several scripts on the most common objections that clients come up with about why they can’t book their appointment, how to handle them and get them to move forward!
  • Seminar PowerPoint Presentation with over 50 slides to help educate and inform your existing clients about the importance of having your estate plan reviewed every 3 years, any changes in the laws and planning technology and to get them back in!
  • Seminar Marketing Materials featuring a direct mail piece that has been used to drive interest and attendance to the seminar each month from existing clients. This can also be used in an e-mail format to your clients.
  • Seminar Handouts including a seminar outline and response form to help attendees follow along. Also includes other seminar handouts and flyers, along with suggestions for handouts to include.
  • Appointment Booking Tools including appointment cards to help make the appointment scheduling process go over smoothly and efficiently.

The seminar presentation comes in a modifiable Microsoft PowerPoint format and the other products come in a modifiable Microsoft Word format for you to be able to easily modify, edit and use in your practice.

Product is sent via e-mail for digital download within one(1) business day.  Not available to purchasers located in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California.

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