BUNDLE PACKAGE: The Personal Asset Trust & IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form Packages

Get 2 of Our Most Popular and Unique Legal Products - -
for One Reduced Bundle Price!

Estate planning these days has become a bit of a commodity and it’s harder and harder for estate planners to stay competitive, especially with all of the low-priced and online options available to consumers.

However, there is still a need for estate planning lawyers.  In fact, the need is even greater than ever with all of the complex issues among families and new laws and rules constantly evolving.  The online and occasional estate planners cannot keep up or compare.

One of the largest opportunities so many estate planning attorneys are missing though is the ability to go back to existing clients and bring them back in to upgrade, update, and generate new business with client referrals and continue to cultivate long-term relationships with clients and their family and friends.  But, the biggest question estate planning attorneys ask is what do you have to market and offer existing clients?

How about a completely upgraded plan with Phil Kavesh’s unique Personal Asset TrustSM?  This is, by far, the #1 selling item in his firm and why so many of his clients decide to engage his firm to prepare their Living Trust.

Or, what about those clients with large IRAs who still qualify for a standalone IRA beneficiary trust.  The SECURE Act made IRA Trust planning a bit more complex, but IRA Trusts are still relevant, which is where you can bring in Phil’s unique and IRS-approved IRA Inheritance Trust®.

You have the unique opportunity to still get these innovative legal document forms together, bundled for a one-time licensing fee that’s discounted when you buy them together!

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