New Proposed Clawback Regulations – What Every Advisor Needs To Know RIGHT Now

What Every Advisor Needs to Know About
the Proposed Clawback Regulations

The Nation’s Leading Tax and Estate Planning Experts Weigh-In

On April 26, 2022 the U.S. Treasury Department issued new clawback regulations addressing the recapture of many common client transfers.

Every single advisor assisting clients with potentially taxable estates will need to quickly address how these proposed regulations apply to standard estate planning transfers including notes, GRATs, GRITs, QPRTs, 2701 freezes, and transfers included in an estate.

This is why we’ve enlisted the help of two of the nation’s leading tax and estate planning experts, Robert S. Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP (Distinguished), CGMA., and Marty Shenkman J.D., CPA, MBA, and why you will want to be sure to join us on for a very special and timely FREE presentation entitled, “New Proposed Clawback Regulations – What Every Advisor Needs To Know RIGHT Now”.

During this 102-minute presentation, Bob and Marty will cover the following:

  • The heart of the new regulations – – the clawback of “includible” gifts
  • An overview of the Unified Gift and Estate Tax System
  • The reduction in the exemption amount in 2026 and the gift and estate tax ordering rules
  • The impact of DSUE on clawback and planning opportunities
  • Clawback treatment of traditional “completed” gifts
  • The clawback of includible gifts
  • Understanding the new 5% Test
  • Understanding the new 18-Month Test, including tax planning
  • Treatment of promises to pay
  • Tax planning for the 18-Month Test including promises to pay
  • Treatment of preferred partnership freezes
  • Treatment of GRATs, QPRTs and GRITs
  • Treatment of property included under IRC Section 2035 including life insurance transfers
  • Treatment of property included under IRC Sections 2036 to 2041
  • Practical numerical examples that will be easy-to-follow and help make these concepts easier to understand
  • And much more!

This FREE program includes an instantly downloadable MP4 video and audio recording, and PDF handout materials.