How to Find Clients Using LinkedIn (FREE WEBINAR + OFFER)

We all face the same problem today.

How Do We Develop New Business,
When We Are Still Recovering from the
Government’s Response to the Pandemic?

There are no live networking events, no chamber of commerce meetings, no charity events, so little human-human interaction where most of us have gotten our business from in the past.

If you are an estate planning attorney, CPA or financial advisor, what can you do? Go on Facebook? Mass market on Google? Start going door-to-door?! (Ha, not a very COVID-friendly idea and against most of our professional conduct rules).

So, what do you do?

Well, I recently was introduced to Chris Roehm, a Life Insurance Guy from Florida. I was talking to him about marketing concepts for getting new clients and he told me that he’s been helping estate planning professionals find clients through LinkedIn and how it’s a potential goldmine for new clients.

I told him that I wasn’t too sure about that and that I had literally just did a presentation talking about how I did not recommend LinkedIn as a social media marketing strategy for estate planning attorneys.

This is what he shared with me…

“Kristina, LinkedIn is the natural market where our clients congregate. I’ve been getting business using LinkedIn for the last two years. It started because I am afraid of hurricanes. If a really bad hurricane hit south Florida, I would easily be out of business for 6 to 9 months. So, I figured with LinkedIn, I could expand my practice regionally and even nationally. And then, guess what? COVID hit and we locked down the world and the strategies I learned about how to use LinkedIn paid off even more.”

And then I told him, “Yeah, that sounds great.. but you’re an insurance guy. So, all you need is one or two bites to make your time worth it. That’s not really the same thing as for an attorney.”

Chris responded with, “Actually, here’s the exciting thing. It hasn’t just been for me and my business. Several of my friends and colleagues—including estate planning attorneys—are copying what I am doing and they’re generating new business using LinkedIn too!”

Now, he got me intrigued to learn more (aren’t you?). So, I’ve asked Chris if he would be willing to share how he’s getting more business using LinkedIn and he agreed!

Chris put together a free 60-minute webinar to share the 6 things you need to do right now in order to start generating business on LinkedIn.  You have the opportunity to download and watch this webinar by downloading this flyer with a link to the webinar replay.


Additionally, you will also be given the limited-time opportunity to take advantage of a special discount on a 6-hour in-depth Training Course entitled, “The Find Clients Program™” that Chris has put together to give you the step-by-step instructions on how to accelerate your LinkedIn marketing efforts so that you can get back to doing what you’re best at and let his tested and proven strategies do the work for you!  Download this free informational flyer for more information, to access the free webinar replay and take advantage of this special discount offer!