Happy Anniversary, Kristina!


Kristina & Phil at WealthCounsel’s 2014 National Conference (last week)

On July 23, 2004, what has now evolved into The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. began.

Our Executive Director, Kristina Schneider, began working for our President, Philip Kavesh.  Fresh from graduating with her Bachelors degree from Pepperdine University just a couple of months prior, Kristina’s first assignment was to hop on a plane to Denver with Phil to attend the WealthCounsel’s National Conference.  Phil had not one, but two, speaking engagements.  One was on utilizing seminars to market your law practice and the second was to effectively advertise his brand new 2-day “Missing Link” Boot Camp program.  It was this assignment alone that Kristina recalls being a monumental opportunity for her to showcase her skills and abilities directly to Phil.  As the two sat together side-by-side on the 2-hour flight to Denver, Kristina threw together both of Phil’s PowerPoint presentations, with graphics, animations and all.

The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. has evolved quite a bit since then and Kristina’s role within the company has continued to expand and grow as well. But, it really all started with this first experience out to WealthCounsel’s conference!

Thanks for the past 10 years, Kristina, and here’s to many more to come!

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