Last Chance to Register for This Wednesday’s Post-Election Teleconference

November 6, 2012 may prove to be one of the most important election days in U.S. history, at least from a tax perspective. Regardless of who wins the Presidency and who controls the Senate and House, we are likely to see the first major changes to the U.S. Tax Code in over ten years.

Accordingly, there is no better time than immediately after the election to advise your clients and prospects on what important steps to take before the tax law changes in 2013.

That’s why we’re bringing together on November 7th – – the day after the election – – two of the sharpest minds in income and estate tax planning – – Robert S. Keebler, CPA, MST, AEP (Distinguished) and Martin M. Shenkman, J.D., CPA, MBA – – to evaluate the likely impact of the election on current and future tax laws and identify exactly what you should immediately advise your clients and prospects to do.

On this timely 90-minute teleconference, Bob and Marty will specifically address with you the following:

  • Likely changes to the current Income Tax Laws:
    • Ordinary income tax rates
    • Capital gains tax rates
    • The tax benefit of certain deductions
    • The impact of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
  • Likely changes to the current Estate & Gift Tax Laws:
    • The estate and gift tax exemption
    • The generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax exemption
    • The estate, gift and GST rate
    • Portability of the estate tax exemption
    • Valuation discounts
    • Restrictions to multi-generational dynasty trusts
    • Other restrictions to intra-family transfers
  • Income Tax Actions to take before year-end:
    • Analyzing when to take deductions and losses
    • When to take income and harvest capital gains
    • Roth IRA conversions
    • Income shifting to junior generations
  • Estate Planning Actions to take before year-end:
    • Annual exclusion gifts
    • Lifetime gift exemption gifts
    • Taxable gifts
    • Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATs)
    • Dynasty Trusts
    • Installment Sales to Dynasty Trusts
    • Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs) and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
    • Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts (SLATs)
    • Front-end loading Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs)
    • Forgiving intra-family installment notes
  • And much, much more!

Whether you’re a CPA, financial advisor, life insurance agent or estate planning attorney, you should be among the first estate planning professionals “in the know”.

Join us on Wednesday, November 7th at 9am Pacific Time (12pm Eastern Time) for this very special 90-minute teleconference entitled, “November 7, 2012: The Day After – – A Tax Planning Guide to Surviving 2012, 2013 & Beyond”.

Your registration includes: Participation on the teleconference (including a live Q&A session) that comes with handout materials, an audio recording of the teleconference and a Certificate of Completion. You get all this for everyone in your office for one low price of just $149.

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