Set Up More Irrevocable Trusts
and Rewrite Old Ones Too!

You know that trusts need to be irrevocable for estate tax and asset protection purposes - - and you’d like to sell more of them - - but clients often get turned off the moment you mention the word “irrevocable”.

And, even when clients do move forward with an irrevocable trust, they often regret it later when they realize it can’t be changed! (And if you can’t change a trust later you may regret it too, especially when you may need to adapt it to new income or estate tax laws!)

Wouldn’t it be nice for your clients - - and you, the estate planning attorney - - if you could build into the trust certain flexibility features that could make the “irrevocable” issue virtually go away? And, even better yet, you could “rewrite” many old irrevocable trusts to include these cutting-edge advances?

And imagine, if you’re a life insurance agent or financial advisor, the marketing opportunity for an “Irrevocable Trust Audit” of every existing document out there - - as well as a review of the insurance or investments inside them?

Renowned estate planning, tax and asset protection attorney, Bruce Givner, Esq., can show you how during a special 90-minute presentation entitled, “Making Irrevocable Trusts Flexible”.

On this presentation you’ll learn in straight forward, plain-English (as well as in the technical detail desired by estate planning attorneys) how to:

  • Allow the grantor of an irrevocable trust to effectively change the trustees, the beneficiaries and how and when beneficiaries receive their inheritance!
  • Allow the irrevocable trust to adapt to future law changes!
  • Utilize powerful, yet little known or properly applied techniques, like “Protectors” and “Flip Switches” (and over 13 other flexible trust provisions)!
  • Effectively rewrite old irrevocable trusts to add all of these great features!
  • Combine an irrevocable trust with a Single Member LLC to explode its estate tax and asset protection benefits, as well as enhance its flexibility.
  • Easily explain and sell all of this to clients and prospects!
  • Program Title: Making Irrevocable Trusts Flexible
  • Speaker:
  • Duration: 90 minutes

Bruce Givner

Bruce Givner

Bruce Givner, Esq. is an estate and tax planning attorney of the Law Firm of Givner and Kaye, located in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Givner graduated from U.C.L.A., Columbia University Law School, and N.Y.U.’s Graduate Tax Law Program and specializes in the area of asset protection and advanced estate planning. He has personally worked with Mr. Philip Kavesh for over 30 years and continues to serve “of counsel” to Mr. Kavesh’s law firm, Kavesh, Minor and Otis, Inc.

Mr. Givner has been cited as a “tax expert” by the U.S. Tax Court, the California Court of Appeals, and the Wall Street Journal. He’s also written books on estate tax planning for the California CPA Society and the AICPA, and has co-authored three for the California Bar Association. He represented the winning taxpayers in the 1994 Tax Court case L&B Pipe and Supply, in which the IRS sought almost $2,000,000 in back taxes and interest due to alleged unreasonable compensation. The U.S. Tax Court awarded the IRS nothing.

His most recent Tax Court case, involving an FLP established on August 3, 2002, where the parent died on August 8, 2002, settled one month before trial when the IRS conceded that IRC §2036 did not apply.


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However, please note that each program includes a Certificate of Completion and, depending on the license and the regulatory agency for which governs a participant’s CE credit, some professionals may be able to self-report his or her participation and receive credit. It is the responsibility of the participant to complete any process necessary to seek self-reported CE credit for his or her participation. By registering for a teleconference (or purchasing on On-Demand program), you understand that CE credit is not guaranteed or warranted by the presenter or The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc.


  1. Darci Gerdes

    Great materials! Very comprehensive and thorough!

  2. Bruce Kiselstein, Esq.

    The information Bruce provided is extremely valuable and very well presented. I can’t wait to put this to use with my clients.

  3. W. Bailey Smith, Esq.

    I really appreciate Bruce’s insights. What a marketing genius!

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