What Can You Do When Your Clients Need
Big Income Tax Deductions
But Don’t Like Their Investment Restrictions
Placed on Pension Plans, Private Foundations
& Charitable Remainder Trusts (“CRTs”)?

The massive income tax deductions afforded by pension plans, private foundations and CRTs are attractive and “safe” because they’re clearly allowed right in the Tax Code.

Unfortunately, these income tax reduction strategies also come saddled by numerous, complex investments restrictions - - like the prohibited transaction rules, self-dealing limitations, unrelated business taxable income (“UBTI”) rules, Department of Labor (“DOL”) Regulations, etc.  These limitations (and possible penalties for violating them) often scare away advisors and their clients from utilizing these powerful strategies.  That is, unless you know how to navigate around these investment restrictions.

Nationally renowned tax and estate planning attorney, Bruce Givner, can show you how.  Join us on a 90-minute presentation entitled, “Advanced Investment Strategies for Pension Plans, Private Foundations & CRTs”.

On this call, you will learn how to have:

  • Your client’s pension plan to buy real estate, even if the real estate is subject to debt.
  • Your client and his or her pension plan or private foundation (or CRT) jointly buy an apartment building, whether or not it is subject to debt or if one of the client’s children lives in it!
  • Your client and his or her pension plan jointly buy an office building, and have your client’s business occupy a portion of the office building!
  • Your client’s pension plan own an active business, while he or she can work for business and draw a salary from!
  • Your client’s private foundation (or CRT) loan $1,000,000 to a corporation owned 35% by the private foundation (or CRT) and 65% by your client’s brother that buys a residence for your client to live in.
  • Your client’s private foundation own all the stock of a corporation which operated a Taco Bell (or similar business) without having unrelated business taxable income.
  • And much more!
  • Program Title: Advanced Investment Strategies for Pension Plans, Private Foundations & CRTs
  • Speaker:
  • Duration: 90 Minutes

Bruce Givner

Bruce Givner

Bruce Givner, Esq. is an estate and tax planning attorney of the Law Firm of Givner and Kaye, located in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Givner graduated from U.C.L.A., Columbia University Law School, and N.Y.U.’s Graduate Tax Law Program and specializes in the area of asset protection and advanced estate planning. He has personally worked with Mr. Philip Kavesh for over 30 years and continues to serve “of counsel” to Mr. Kavesh’s law firm, Kavesh, Minor and Otis, Inc.

Mr. Givner has been cited as a “tax expert” by the U.S. Tax Court, the California Court of Appeals, and the Wall Street Journal. He’s also written books on estate tax planning for the California CPA Society and the AICPA, and has co-authored three for the California Bar Association. He represented the winning taxpayers in the 1994 Tax Court case L&B Pipe and Supply, in which the IRS sought almost $2,000,000 in back taxes and interest due to alleged unreasonable compensation. The U.S. Tax Court awarded the IRS nothing.

His most recent Tax Court case, involving an FLP established on August 3, 2002, where the parent died on August 8, 2002, settled one month before trial when the IRS conceded that IRC §2036 did not apply.


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