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These forms are not only perfect, but they are just exactly what I have been looking to find for years! They are just right. I like this so much better, utilizing software that I already have and am using, than having to buy a license to another software, struggling to learn how to use it, and still not coming up with something that is as concise, to the point, and as nice as this. Thank you very much! You’ve done a wonderful job on these!

William M. Casey

Estate Planning Attorney

Albuquerque, New Mexico

I followed Phil’s HIPAA Upgrade System exactly as he lays out to do so and in a couple of months, we had 40 of my 500+ clients send checks in for the update, which has generated about $20,000 of additional revenue for me and my firm. I had to hire an additional legal assistant to work on this project. We plan on sending out a second follow-up letter to generate additional revenue!

Stephen O’Neill

Estate Planning Attorney

Providence, Rhode Island

I held my first seminar using Phil’s seminar marketing materials. I had 65 attendees and 26 appointments made (almost 100% engagement). So far, I am 12 for 12 on engaging the clients that have come in using all of the pointers I received from Phil. I have never had results like this. We’ve already made over $50,000, which is way more than what we invested to attend Phil’s programs and pay for his materials!

Stephen J. Livens

Estate Planning Attorney

Bedford, Texas

Kristina, just wanted to say thanks! With your assistance, I booked 9 appointments yesterday, which makes a total of 12 for the 2 day sweep. Of course, I still need to get planning commitments, but the appointments are certainly up from last time. And, I realize that my numbers can and should be even better than that. Fingers are crossed. The crowd was younger this time, we served food earlier, and I really tried to nail the open and close. All this contributed to a better response. Now, I just need to generate some business, so I can continue paying for my marketing.


Robert B. Vaksman

Estate Planning Attorney

Las Vegas, Nevada

Thanks for the great marketing insights, Phil.  You have some great ideas that I am confident will boost my firm’s revenues!



Reed Scott

Estate Planning Attorney

Pleasanton, California

It’s only been 2 weeks since we started marketing Phil’s HIPAA Amendment Package and we have already made $20,000 with 72 responses from only 417 letters sent out. We’ve got a lot more to send out too! We can’t thank Phil and his team for all of their hard work and help to allow us to make more money. We really appreciate all of the great advice and this product to help us service and monetize our existing client database!

Molly Guidry

Office Manager for Estate Planning Services

Arlington, Texas

The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. is not only a company offering a suite of hard to find products and services, but their customer service philosophy and desire to add value to my practice was so excellent that it is nearly unbelievable! I am a busy guy, and often hard to connect with, but Kristina Schneider kept following up with me to make sure that I got what I needed. I have no doubt that the practice growth techniques that she recommended to me during my Seminar Marketing Consultation will form the foundation of the transition of my practice from a chaotic general practice to a successful and enjoyable estate planning practice that will serve my family well for years to come. Great company, great folks, great job!

Jerry P. Reisner

Estate Planning Attorney

Olean, New York

Phil’s Living Trust Seminar has provided me the tools necessary to get a very high appointment rate, and so far a very high close rate, too!  Several attendees have commented that this was the best seminar that they have ever seen!



James Morgan

Estate Planning Attorney

Northglenn, Colorado