Estate Planning Attorneys
(ideally with at least 3 years of experience)

Plus Key Members of Their Firm

  • Office Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Executive / Personal Assistant
  • Other Key Associate Attorneys


  • BRAND NEW! Online access (for you and EVERYONE in your firm!) to the live broadcast of the Ultimate Level lecture
  • JUST ADDED - Specific tips and guidance on how to get through the current crisis and recession-proof your practice!
  • Program handout materials
  • Over 70 Useful Exhibits (Checklists, Forms and Practice Tools) in modifiable format
  • Live Interactive Q&A with Phil and staff
  • Networking with fellow Estate Planners (and staff)
  • COVID-19 Forms Package


January 27-29, 2021 

DAY 1 - 8am to 12:30pm Pacific Time

DAY 2 - 8am to 12:30pm Pacific Time

DAY 3 - 8am to 12:30pm Pacific Time

(via Zoom Meeting: Parts 1, 2, and 3)




The price of this virtual event is regularly $1,495.  However, in light of the current circumstances, we have reduced the fee to either one payment of $995 or the option of $0 down with a 6-month payment plan.  See all payment options below.

OF $199
(starting 45 days from registration)


Or call us at 1.866.754.6477

As someone that helps support our firm in its day-to-day operations, I really want to thank you for giving the staff the opportunity to attend. I think if the program was just limited to attorneys, people would have a much more difficult time implementing what they learned. It was so beneficial and motivating to have Phil explain to the attorneys how much the staff really brings to the table.

Vicki Kordakis

Staff Member

James Cunningham’s Office (Cunningham Legal Group)

Patrick is always bringing me to these types of events and I must say that this has truly and sincerely been one of my favorites—it’s practical, you’ve been there, you’ve done it. We’re going back to the office with a lot of tools and that’s HUGE. With many other programs, I always feel like, ‘This is great, but what do I do with it?’ and I don’t feel that way leaving The Ultimate Level.

Shadi Shaffer

Associate Attorney with Patrick Phancao

I had the opportunity to meet Phil back in the 1990’s and attended his Ultimate Level event with high expectations and I was not dissatisfied at all. In fact, I recovered all of my expenses to attend in a matter of a couple of weeks just using one of the many tools that we received. I can now say that I have earned a very substantial amount of money due to the tools and concepts shared by Phil.

Richard Johnson

Estate Planning Attorney

Dallas, Texas

I was exceptionally impressed with The Ultimate Level and now wonder why I would ever want to exit my practice when I can do all this and have all this fun and keep building the business. It’s really reinvigorating to that extent and stimulating, because I can see what I can do!

Joe Karp

from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

One of the things that I appreciate the most about The Ultimate Level is that a lot of other programs sell the ‘sizzle’ but not the ‘steak’. They always push for you to sign up for the next program so that you can ‘really find out what they’re talking about’. But, The Ultimate Level is A LOT of ‘steak’, and there’s a little bit of sizzle to help make it taste good.

Janet Brewer

from Palo Alto, California

I spent $20,000 on a coaching program for law firms that turned out to be a lot of fluff with some smoke and mirrors thrown in.  In order for me to get any immediate and practical materials to implement in my practice, I had to subscribe to higher levels of membership and pay more money!  I was very turned off by the whole coaching industry and the idea of seeking out programs to help me and my practice.  I am really glad that I took the risk to come to Phil Kavesh’s Ultimate Level program.  I know that I can immediately implement the materials I received right in my practice and I got far more out of these 2 days than I ever did from the other coaching program!  Thank you, Phil!

James G.

This has been an amazing program. I like to number my notes and I’m up to 232 different thoughts and ideas to take away from this program and implement in my practice. This weekend has really helped reinforce and show me that I haven’t been doing a good job of actually blocking time to work on my business, so that’s the first thing that I’m going to be doing when I get back.

David Edwards

from Springfield, IL

I attended The Ultimate Level event in February and Phil presented a number of fresh new ideas and rejuvenated some tested and proven marketing techniques that I (and many other attendees) had simply forgotten about and overlooked. He personally sat us down in front of him and asked what he could do to help us in our practices. Invaluable!!
I wrote down five important actions and have only been able to implement three of them so far and, my goodness, what an impact Phil has had on my practice (once again!). Phil is a great mentor and I also gleaned a number of great ideas from my fellow colleagues in attendance as well. I’ve been so busy with new business over the past three months since I attended The Ultimate Level that I can hardly handle it all! My revenue stream has dramatically increased since I attended Phil’s program!
If you attend The Ultimate Level and are able to take away even four or five of the ‘golden nuggets’ you will receive, I can promise you that it will be well worth your time, effort and investment!

Bruce Kiselstein

from Mt. Prospect, IL

I have to say that this program has been incredible. As a relatively new attorney in estate planning, The Ultimate Level has given me so many ideas on how to build my practice with the end in mind and what kind of path I want to create for my practice. I realize now that I’m not just building a firm, but I’m really building a team to help me achieve my goals.

Anna Byrne

–  from Cambridge, MA

Phil has been helping me with my practice—no, helped me build my practice over the last 20 years—and I have to say, everything Phil says is right! Every time I have tweaked something, it’s been wrong. Everything works, just like he says and it’s proven and tested to work!

Albert Vacek

from Houston, Texas

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