Thank you for participating on Phil Kavesh’s special presentation with Clear Law Institute entitled, “Proper Post-Death Administration of IRA Beneficiary Trusts”.  For your convenience, we have put together a few tools and resources that we think you might be interested in.

FREE IRA Trust Post-Mortem Checklist

As noted on the webinar, we are offering all attendees a complimentary IRA Trust Post-Mortem Checklist—a 10-page Microsoft Word modifiable document for you to use in the implementation process.


Once you complete the form above, we will e-mail you your complimentary checklist.


We have a number of products and resources that can help estate planning professionals with implementing and adding IRA Beneficiary Trust planning to their practice – – quickly and easily.  These products have been licensed to estate planning professionals for over 10 years and at a very reasonable one-time licensing fee.

The IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form & Technical Training Package

ira-inheritance-trust-legal-document-formThe IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form & Training Package comes with the following items:

  • Data CD-ROM containing the following modifiable documents:
    • IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form (for both married and single clients)
    • IRA Inheritance Trust® Beneficiary Designation Form
    • IRA Inheritance Trust® Color Flow Chart
    • IRA Inheritance Trust® Certification
    • IRA Inheritance Trust® Disclosure Statement
    • IRA Inheritance Trust® Planning Checklist & Intake Form
    • Special Needs Trust language for the IRA Inheritance Trust®
    • Amendments to the Revocable Living Trust Document (for the IRA Inheritance Trust®)
    • Trust Review Checklist and Other Ancillary Legal Documents
    • Table of Contents and other Manual inserts
  • Technical Training Module, including:
    • A 2.5 Hour Technical Training DVD
    • IRA Inheritance Trust® FAQ’s
    • IRA Inheritance Trust® Guidelines for Use
    • Various Articles, PLRs & Resources
    • Sample Beneficiary Designation Forms & Custodian Hold Harmless Language
  • Sample binder (not as shown above) of the complete document assembled (including tabs) so you can see how Mr. Kavesh’s law firm packages and delivers this unique trust to his clients.




As noted on the call, we have a number of other products related to IRA Beneficiary Trust planning that you might be interested.

Also, be sure to check out to download a number of articles and free resources.