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Every month, various associates at our law firm listen to Robert Keebler’s Monthly Tax and Estate Planning Update. It is a quick and easy way to keep abreast of all of the technical news that’s fit to print in the estate planning world. The program collects and distills complex information into a user-friendly and understandable format, giving our firm members the up to date information they need. The Keebler Monthly Call is a wonderful tool, and we recommend it to anyone in this field.”
–Altman & Associates Law Firm
Rockville, Maryland


The field of estate planning is changing more rapidly now thanI have seen in my 20 years in this industry. Bob Keebler’s monthly callsare an essential resource for my firm’s attorneys to keep current with the ever-changing landscape of our practice. We find that his informationis clear and concise. In just an hour, Bob covers all the critical updatesand highlights the implications to how we plan for our clients.”
–Michael Cody, Attorney
Quincy, Massachusetts