The Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes Living Trust Seminar Marketing Package – Southern CA Purchaser

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What’s Included in the The Top 10 Mistakes Living Trust Seminar Marketing Package—Southern CA Package?

The Top 10 Mistakes Living Trust Seminar Marketing Package—Southern CA Package comes with the following items:

  • Seminar PowerPoint Presentation with over 50 slides to help educate and inform prospective clients about the importance of estate planning, the need for a Living Trust, information about your firm and eventually gets them to act. This presentation has a much more modern and sleek design, but the Top 10 Mistakes format is a really nice and easy format to follow for prospects!
  • Seminar Script so that you will know what to say for each and every slide with tested and proven phrases and explanations that motivate prospective clients to want to get their estate planning done and, most importantly, done with your firm!
  • Seminar Handouts including a seminar outline and response form to help attendees follow along.
  • Appointment Booking Tools including a discount certificate to help incentivize and motivate people to schedule appointments and appointment cards to help make the appointment scheduling process go over smoothly and efficiently.
  • Seminar Audio Recording of Philip Kavesh giving the seminar. You can learn directly from the expert on how to give this Living Trust seminar. Hear how he says things and builds rapport with his audience. These are things you can’t learn from on paper.

The seminar presentation comes in a modifiable Microsoft PowerPoint format and the seminar handouts come in a modifiable Microsoft Word format for you to be able to easily modify, edit and use in your practice.


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