The Basic Living Trust Seminar Marketing Package

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Seminar marketing can be and continues to be an effective tool for marketing any estate planning practice. It has been proven to help save time (that would have otherwise been spent meeting with several potential clients in one-on-one meetings). It has also been proven to help pre-close prospective clients that may just be shopping around for an estate planning attorney. And, most importantly, it is a great tool to help prospective clients stop procrastinating and get off the fence to get this much-needed planning completed for their loved ones!

Ultimate Estate Planner President and estate planning attorney, Philip Kavesh, has built his law firm through the process of seminar marketing for over the past 35+ years. His law firm, which consists of almost 10,000 clients, consistently holds Living Trust seminars each month to help drive in new business to the firm. Having given well over an estimated 4,000 of these Living Trust seminars in his career, Mr. Kavesh has certainly developed a system and a seminar that works!

Whether you’re new to seminar marketing or you’ve given your fair share of seminars, our Basic Living Trust Seminar is a the perfect product for any living-trust centered practice. It includes everything you need, including direct mail marketing pieces, seminar presentation, seminar script, presentation handouts and even some appointment booking tools to help you close more appointments at the seminar. All of this is available for a reasonable one-time licensing fee that can easily be made up with just one or two new client engagements!

Don’t Give Seminars?

No problem! Not everyone likes to give seminar presentations to their clients and prospective clients. But your one-on-one meetings are essentially mini-presentations, just in front of a larger audience. You can modify all of the items that come in this package to encourage people to contact you and set up an appointment and you can use the presentation slides as flip charts or visual aids in your one-on-one meetings to help you close more one-on-one meetings!

What’s Included in the The Basic Living Trust Seminar Marketing Package?

The Basic Living Trust Seminar Marketing Package comes with the following items:

  • Seminar PowerPoint Presentation with slides to help educate and inform prospective clients about the importance of estate planning, the need for a Living Trust, information about your firm and eventually gets them to act.
  • Seminar Script so that you will know what to say for each and every slide with tested and proven phrases and explanations that motivate prospective clients to want to get their estate planning done and, most importantly, done with your firm!
  • Seminar Marketing Materials featuring five different tested and proven direct mail pieces that have been used to drive interest and attendance to the seminar for both older and younger clients and clients already with living trust and those that are getting a living trust for the first time.  Also included are mailing list demographics and instructions on how to utilize newspaper inserts.
  • Seminar Handouts including a seminar outline and response form to help attendees follow along. Also includes other seminar handouts and flyers, along with suggestions for handouts to include.
  • Appointment Booking Tools including appointment cards to help make the appointment scheduling process go over smoothly and efficiently and a discount certificate to help incentivize and motivate people to book their appointment before they leave.

The seminar presentation comes in a modifiable Microsoft PowerPoint format and the seminar handouts come in a modifiable Microsoft Word format for you to be able to easily modify, edit and use in your practice.

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This seminar was developed by Phil Kavesh and his law firm, which is located and services the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.  To protect its own interests, as well as yours, we currently do not license this product to purchasers located and practicing in the LA and OC areas.