Post-DOMA Seminar Marketing Package

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On June 26th, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned down Section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”), extending the same legal rights of opposite sex couples to same sex couples on the federal level.

After these historic rulings in United States v. Windsor and Rev. Ruling 2013-17, the playing field for same-sex couples has dramatically equalized, thus opening the doors for numerous opportunities to add this niche area of estate planning to your practice!

Whether you’re looking to add LGBT planning to your practice or you’ve been practicing this area for years, we have enlisted the help of LGBT estate planning expert, Alma Soongi Beck, J.D., LL.M. (Taxation), California State Bar Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law and are pleased to announce the release of her “DOMA Seminar Marketing Package” to help you educate your clients, prospective clients and local referral sources following this breakthrough ruling.

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Benefits of The DOMA Seminar Marketing Package

Here are just a few benefits of The DOMA Seminar Marketing Package:

  • A (reasonable) one-time licensing fee. We don’t charge any on-going membership fees or annual license renewal fees. You only have to pay us once to purchase the license and rights to use our product and you won’t be required to pay any on-going fees to use it in the future. Should we have any major updates to the manual, you may be given the opportunity to purchase an update at a nominal fee.
  • No territorial exclusives. We don’t provide people territory exclusives, which means that anyone can get this manual for his or her estate planning practice - - all the more reason you should get this package before your nearby competitors do!
  • We provide product demonstrations. Unsure of buying a product sight-unseen? No problem. We understand, which is why we are pleased to offer one-on-one demonstrations and answer any questions you might have about our products upon request. Simply call us at 1-866-754-6477 or e-mail us to schedule a product demonstration.
  • Our product has been tested and proven to work. One of the biggest benefits of the Ultimate Pet Trust Legal Document & Marketing Package is that it has been tested and proven to work in Eden Rose Brown’s practice. And not only do you get the legal provisions (including a standalone trust document), but you also get a variety of marketing materials that will help you promote this niche area of estate planning - - not just to your clients, but your referral sources as well! Your time is valuable and, most likely, limited, so save yourself the hassle of having to reinvent the wheel.
  • On-going support. It is important to us that you are successful with the products that you purchase from us, which is why we are including as part of your purchase of this product Eden’s On-Demand Program about how to add estate planning for pets to your practice. Also, don’t forget that we are always available for any of your questions or implementation issues that you may run into.

What’s included in The DOMA Seminar Marketing Package?

The DOMA Seminar Marketing Package comes with the following items:

  • Seminar PowerPoint Presentation with over 30 slides to help educate and inform prospective clients about the impact of the historic overturning of DOMA and the important planning considerations that must be taken into account for same-sex couples.
  • Seminar Script so that you will know what to say for each and every slide with tested and proven phrases and explanations that highlight the important issues that must be considered for same-sex couples.
  • Seminar Recording if you want to learn by listening to Alma present the materials, we are also providing you an actual audio recording taken right from one of her public seminar presentations!
  • Seminar Marketing Flyer to promote and drive attendance to the seminar for both existing clients, prospective clients, local referral sources and members of local groups, clubs and organizations.
  • Seminar Handouts including a seminar outline and response form to help attendees follow along. Also includes other seminar handouts and flyers, along with suggestions for handouts to include.
  • Appointment Booking Tools including a discount certificate to help incentivize and motivate people to schedule appointments and appointment cards to help make the appointment scheduling process go over smoothly and efficiently.
  • SPECIAL BONUS: “Add LGBT Planning as a New, Profitable Practice Niche” On-Demand Program with Alma Soongi Beck on (a $169 value!) In addition to getting this seminar presentation to kick-start your LGBT planning efforts, you will also receive the handout materials and MP3 audio recording to this complementary On-Demand Program about how to add LGBT planning to your practice and suggestions for marketing your services. What better way to learn about how to add estate planning for same-sex couples than to learn right from the expert in this area?!

All of the seminar materials come in a modifiable format (Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word) so that you can easily modify and update the documents to brand them to your firm.

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