Personal Residence Trust Legal Document Form Package

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Sometimes referred to as a “Qualified” Personal Residence Trust, you can quickly and easily offer your clients estate tax savings and asset protection planning for their residence with this advanced-level, premium-priced product - - our Personal Residence Trust Legal Document Form Package.

Whether you’re looking to add Personal Residence Trust (or “QPRT”) planning for your clients or you’re looking to upgrade the quality of your existing QPRT form, our Personal Residence Trust Legal Document Form package will help save you the countless hours and dollars to research, design and assemble one of the easiest forms to integrate into your practice!

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Benefits of Our Package

We know that you have a lot of options when choosing which legal documents and drafting software systems to use in your practice, but here are just a few reasons you may wish to choose our Personal Residence Trust Legal Document Form Package for your practice.

  • A one-time (reasonable) licensing fee. We already know there are plenty of sophisticated document assembly software programs and options out there, but they can be extremely expensive and require on-going membership or licensing fees. Our form is a reasonable one-time licensing fee and you get a “bare bones” format of Microsoft Word, so you can integrate it into just about any program or software you’re already using!
  • No territorial exclusives. We don’t provide people territory exclusives, which means that anyone can get this unique product for his or her estate planning practice - - all the more reason you should get this package before your nearby competitors do!
  • On-Going Support. This package comes complete with everything you’ll need to draft this advanced-level trust for your clients, but also, don’t forget that we make ourselves available for any of your questions or planning issues that you may run into along the way.

What’s included in the Personal Residence Trust Legal Document Form Package?

The Personal Residence Trust Legal Document Form Package comes complete with:

  • Trust Document:
    • With easy to drop in or delete optional paragraphs
    • Table of Contents
    • Book Inserts and Coverpages
  • Color Flow Chart Summary to quickly and easily explain this complex trust in an easy-to-follow one-page diagram.
  • Marketing Summary Flyer that helps explain the purpose of the Personal Residence Trust quickly and easily to motivate clients to move forward with you!
  • Complete Client Intake Form to help with word processing and gathering information for drafting, which follows the document.
  • Sample Owner’s Manual (vinyl binder with gold embossed lettering) assembled and put together so you can see how Phil delivers his estate planning “products” to his client to set help set his firm apart from the rest!

All documents come in Microsoft Word format, so that you can easily and quickly customize and modify the documents when preparing them for your clients! You don’t need to buy any other additional expensive drafting or flow chart software! If you have an older system and need an even simpler format, we can provide that at an additional cost of $250.

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