IRA Trust Forms Bundle Package

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Do you currently draft IRA Beneficiary Trusts for your clients? If not, then you’ll definitely want to check out our complete IRA Inheritance Trust® Legal Document Form & Technical Training Package - - which comes complete with the trust document, as well as the forms included in this bundle!

If you do draft IRA Beneficiary Trusts for your clients already (utilizing another form than the IRA Inheritance Trust®), then you will definitely want to check out this IRA Trust Forms Bundle Package, which includes a number of non-trust documents and forms that will enhance the current IRA Trust planning that you do for your clients. For example, the IRA Trust Forms Bundle Package includes a color flow chart to quickly and easily explain how the IRA Trust has been designed and set up for the client. There’s a number of inserts that can be included in the binder provided to the client, such as a Location List, Contact List, a Trust Review Checklist. There are two forms that you will need in order to utilize the IRA Trusts unique “toggle switch” feature. There’s a post-mortem checklist, which you might not need just yet if you haven’t had a client that you drafted an IRA Trust for pass away, but which you will definitely want to have at some point down the road. There are sample IRA Custodian beneficiary designation forms and hold harmless language, client acknowledgements and disclosures, and much more.

You can buy these 9 forms individually, but that would total over $269. Or, you can get our IRA Trust Forms Bundle Package for as low as $199!

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What’s Included in the IRA Trust Forms Bundle Package?

The IRA Trust Forms Bundle Package comes complete with the following forms:

  • IRA Beneficiary Trust: Full Color Flow Charts – Married and Single IRA Inheritance Trust® flow charts, which are a great visual diagram to summarize the distribution and planning structure of your client’s IRA Inheritance Trust® plan.
  • IRA Beneficiary Trust: Owner’s Manual Inserts & Coverpages – These are handouts utilized to assemble the complete IRA Inheritance Trust® Owner’s Manual (or binder), including section coverpages, Operating Procedures, specific directions from the client to the Trustee, a Review Checklist and much more!
  • IRA Beneficiary Trust: Acknowledgement to Contact IRA Custodian – This is an acknowledgement that you would have a client sign upon completion of the signing of their IRA Inheritance Trust®, so that they realize the importance and impact of contacting the IRA custodian and appropriately taking the steps necessary with the IRA custodian to ensure that the IRA plan is appropriately in place to maximize the stretchout and IRA Inheritance Trust® strategy.
  • IRA Beneficiary Trust: Disclosure Form – This disclosure lets clients know what is included in their IRA Inheritance Trust® plan and, more important, what’s not included as well, such as the IRA Beneficiary Designation.
  • Post-Mortem Checklist for Standalone IRA Beneficiary Trusts – This is a checklist that can be found in both the Estate Planning Forms Bundle and the IRA Trust Bundle, it is to be used in the post-death administration process of an IRA Inheritance Trust® (or a standalone IRA Beneficiary Trust). This helps make sure that you know what tasks need to be done by certain deadlines following the death of the Trustor.

All forms come in a modifiable version (Microsoft Word) so that you can brand and modify them to your specific practice.  You can purchase either the Digital Download Version and immediately receive these items by e-mail or you can purchase the Premium Version and receive these forms on a CD (or USB flash drive).

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