INSTANT DOWNLOAD: “Tax Planning Opportunities Following Georgia Senate Results” by Jonathan G. Blattmachr, Robert S. Keebler & Martin M. Shenkman

Tax Planning Opportunities Following the
Georgia Senate Election Results!

What Every CPA, Attorney & Financial Advisor Must Know!

If 2020 wasn’t a jaw-dropping and an unbelievable year we will long remember, within less than a week into 2021 and has already kicked off things with quite a BANG!

The Democrats are taking control of Congress and federal tax policy.  Although the pandemic may be dying down in 2021, the rate of tax policy change will likely increase. The “Blue Wave” combined with the fiscal stimulus from Congress will have tremendous implications for your clients given the likelihood for significant tax changes directed towards wealthy Americans.

To better understand what you need to know about all of the tax planning opportunities this now brings, we have enlisted the help of nationally renowned attorney, Jonathan G. Blattmachr, J.D., LL.M. (Taxation), nationally renowned CPA and tax expert, Robert S. Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP (Distinguished), CGMA, and nationally renowned attorney-CPA, Martin “Marty” Shenkman, J.D., CPA, MBA to put together this immediately downloadable 94-minute presentation entitled, “Tax Planning Opportunities Following Georgia Senate Results”.

This presentation will provide timely practical ideas, tips and techniques to help you advise your clients on how to minimize tax liabilities. More specifically, Jonathan, Bob and Marty will cover the following:

  • A detailed review of President Joe Biden’s income and estate tax policy proposals (including a helpful checklist of planning ideas!)
  • Drafting strategies in the event of retroactive changes to the gift tax exemption
  • Bracket management considering the historically low rates, the scheduled sunset, and the potential rate increases under a Biden Administration
  • Capital gain harvesting to capture a rate advantage with a potential of a 39.6% LTCG rate under the “Buffet Rule”
  • Capital Gain Tax Strategies
  • Advanced Roth Conversions in 2021
  • The reduced value of itemized deductions
  • The reduced value of funding tax-preference retirement accounts
  • The best charitable contribution strategies
  • Opportunity zone investments
  • Using trusts to create additional income taxpayers
  • Urgent estate and gift tax planning strategies you need to be doing right now!
  • Reduction of the estate and gift exemption
  • The end of GRATs, IDGTs and Dynasty Trusts?
  • Changes to the annual exclusion
  • And much, much more!

Whether you’re a CPA, attorney, or financial advisor, it’s important that you tune into this special and timely presentation, so that you can quickly and competently advise your clients.

You can get this instant presentation download for you and everyone in your office for just $199!

What’s Included?

This Instant Download includes:

  • MP3 Audio Recording
  • PDF Handout Materials
  • Duration: 94 minutes

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