INSTANT DOWNLOAD: “How to Set Up Successful Estate Planning Webinars: Best Practices for Better Results” by Kristina Schneider

Learn the Best Practices for Conducting
Estate Planning Webinars
to Yield the Best Results for Your Firm!

2020 has forced many companies to turn a lot of their systems and processes into the digital and virtual world.  Seminars are certainly no different, as many consumers are not ready to go back to in-person gatherings.

Whether you previously were doing in-person seminars or have been trying to figure out a marketing strategy to generate revenue in your estate planning law firm, you will definitely want to tune into this insightful and practical presentation by Kristina K. Schneider, Practice-Building & Marketing Specialist for The Ultimate Estate Planner.

During this 51-minute presentation, Kristina will share with you:

  • Why seminar marketing still works and how it can be used to make you more efficient and improve your appointment close rate with each prospective client that you meet!
  • How to convert over 30 years of tested and proven seminar marketing strategies by “Seminar King” Phil Kavesh and make them work in the virtual world with webinars!
  • The best days, times and duration for webinars
  • Three ways to market and generate attendance to your webinars
  • A comparison of the different systems to give webinars and which one we prefer to use (and why!)
  • Successful strategies for booking appointments with webinar attendees right on the webinar!
  • How to effectively utilize video recordings in your webinars and make better use of your time!
  • Other tips and best practices for successful seminar marketing in the virtual world!

Your purchase includes a video presentation plus PDF handout materials for you and everyone in your office for just $149.

What’s Included?

This Instant Download includes the following:

  • 51-minute video presentation
  • PDF handout materials
  • Special offer for additional help/resources

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