INSTANT DOWNLOAD: “Everything You Need to Know About Prop 19” by Bruce Givner & Neda Barkhordar

California Recently Passed Proposition 19
Radically Changes the Parent-Child
Property Tax Exclusions:
What Planning Should We Be Doing RIGHT NOW?

There have always been TWO parent-child exclusions from property tax reassessment.  First, an unlimited parent-child exclusion for the principal residence.  Second, a $1,000,000 per parent exclusion of assessed value for other real property not held in an entity.

However, the recently passed Prop 19 limits the first and completely eliminates the second!

We have between now and February 15th, 2021 to understand how we should be advising our clients to take advantage of the remaining weeks before Proposition 19 goes into effect.  There is no one right answer for every fact situation.  There is an interplay with both the lifetime transfer tax exclusion and the estate tax inclusion to get the children a step-up in basis.

This why we have enlisted the help of two of the leading estate planning attorneys on such complex matters as this, Bruce Givner and Neda Barkhordar, who have put together this timely, 2-hour presentation available for you to download immediately.  Bruce and Neda have done a thorough, in-depth analysis with a California property tax expert and have answered many of the burning questions so many clients and attorneys have regarding this new law!

Plus, you will also receive as a special bonus attorney Phil Kavesh’s marketing letter/flyer/email announcement that you can send to your clients about Prop 19 to either call you or anyone you may be partnered up with to do this work for your clients!  You will also receive a copy of a FAQ piece that he compiled to

But you must ACT RIGHT NOW, because the clock is ticking and it may be too late to do anything to help your clients!!

What’s Included?

This Instant Download includes:

  • MP4 Video and Audio Presentation (Duration 1 hour 54 minutes)
  • PDF Transcript and Handout Materials
  • Marketing Letter/Flyer for Clients
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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