INSTANT DOWNLOAD: “How to Set Your Fees”

Do You Set Your Living Trust Fees
Based on a “SWAG”?

(You Know… A Super Wild @$% Guess?)

This is definitely not something you learned about in law school!

And with more and more low-priced competition from internet and do-it-yourself services, many estate planning attorneys have felt the pressure to stay competitive by lowering their fees more and more.  But, we’re here to tell you that there is a process and system for how you can set your fees so that you stay competitive and command and get the fee that you deserve!

You will want to be sure to tune into this step-by-step, practical presentation entitled, “How to Set Your Fees: For Estate Planning Attorneys with a Living Trust-Centered Practice” with speaker Kristina K. Schneider, Practice-Building & Marketing Specialist for The Ultimate Estate Planner.

During this 53-minute video (or audio) presentation, Kristina will share with you years of tested and proven strategies around how to set your fees that she’s learned from estate planning attorney, Phil Kavesh, in his over 40 years of experience in practice:

  • A review of all of the benefits for using a flat fee pricing model
    • How a flat fee schedule can avoid costly time and overhead with timekeeping and bill collecting
    • Why consumers will love flat fees and want to engage you
  • Steps for how to determine your fees, including how to package your services, market them, and set your fees so they’re competitive and fair
  • A look at Phil’s Client Service Process, so that you can better understand how to evaluate what you are doing for your clients and how to create systems and processes around servicing your clients so that flat fees make sense
  • A review of Phil’s estate planning fee schedule (and how he packages his services that gives prospective clients the power to choose)
  • Common questions attorneys have about quoting fees and using fixed fee models (and the answers, of course!)
  • Sales tips on how to present your fees so that prospective clients will better understand and want to engage you!
  • Suggestions for things you can do to command higher fees!

Your purchase includes immediately downloadable video and audio presentation, plus PDF handout materials and exhibits for you to be able to use right in your practice for just $199.  Click “Details” for more information.

What’s Included?

This Instant Download includes the following:

  • 53-minute video presentation (plus audio recording)
  • PDF handout materials
  • Estate Planning Engagement Letter
  • Estate Planning Fee Schedule (Client-Use and Internal)
  • Estate Administration Fee Schedule
  • Marketing Flyer to Help Consumers Compare Services

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