Client Survey and Referral Generator Package

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One of the best times to follow up with your clients and get their feedback is right when they become clients (or just came in to upgrade or update their estate plan). That is (hopefully) when they are the most happy and excited about you, your firm and your services. What better way to help keep them happy and generate new business but by doing personalized follow up with them with a unique client survey program that will not only help your firm provide extraordinary customer service, but also help you generate more client referrals and even generate speaking opportunities with private groups and organizations. One of the greatest benefits that comes out of this is being able to offer your clients a nice “personal touch” to the service you’ve already provided to help solidify your client relationship with them.

But, the good news is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! A unique system of follow up and client and speaking engagement referrals is already available to you, complete with everything you and your staff will need to implement it!

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Benefits of The Client Survey & Referral Generator Package
Here are just a few benefits of our Client Survey & Referral Generator Package.

A (reasonable) one-time licensing fee. We don’t charge any on-going membership fees or annual license renewal fees. You only have to pay us once to purchase the license and rights to use our product and you won’t be required to pay any on-going fees to use it in the future. Should we have any major updates to the manual, you may be given the opportunity to purchase an update at a nominal fee.
No territorial exclusives. We don’t provide people territory exclusives, which means that anyone can get this package for his or her estate planning practice - - all the more reason you should get this package before your nearby competitors do and start doing better follow up with potential clients than you do!
We provide product demonstrations. Unsure of buying a product sight-unseen? No problem. We understand, which is why we are pleased to offer one-on-one demonstrations and answer any questions you might have about our products upon request. Simply call us at 1-866-754-6477 or e-mail us to schedule a product demonstration.
Our products have been tested and proven to work. One of the biggest benefits of our Client Survey & Referral Generator Package is that the materials included in this package have been tested and proven to actually work in Mr. Kavesh’s law practice. This isn’t a product that he put together for the purpose of merely selling to others. Your time is valuable and, most likely, limited, so save yourself the hassle of having to reinvent the wheel.
On-going support. It is important to us that you are successful with the products that you purchase from us, which is why you not only receive the step-by-step Guidelines for Use included in the package, but we are also always available for any of your questions or implementation issues that you may run into.


What’s Included in The Client Survey & Referral Generator Package?
The Client Survey & Referral Generator Package comes with the following items:

Survey Scripts to help guide you and give you the exact words and phrases to say when implementing the survey and are on the phone with your clients, including the necessary scripts to help generate additional referrals.
Template Survey Letters to help you get the unreachable clients that are not reachable by phone or indicate that they’d rather have you send them a survey.
Step-By-Step Instructions & Guidelines so that you will know how to efficiently and effectively put this package to use into your practice right away - - so that you and your staff can immediately know the who/what/when/where/how and why on this particular package.
The documents come in a modifiable Microsoft Word format for you to be able to easily modify, edit and adjust where necessary for your firm and your practice.

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