With the elimination of the need for estate tax planning for most people, consumers now think all Living Trusts are simple and they can buy the cheapest one.  However, if you were to ask any client or prospective client what their biggest concern is about their estate, it’s now what is going to happen to their beneficiaries when they receive their inheritance.  Will they blow it?  Will they lose it through no fault of their own, such as to a spouse or some other third-party predator?

Most Trusts Fail to Provide Adequate Beneficiary Protection

Of course, most Living Trusts contain protections for beneficiaries who clearly shouldn’t receive an outright distribution into their own hands.  Third-party controlled trusts are used, which distribute out at certain ages or over a period of years, or are designed as spendthrift or special needs trusts.

But, what about those beneficiaries whom your clients trust to handle money and make their life decisions on their own?  Giving them an outright distribution needlessly exposes their inheritance to spouses’ spending and divorce, creditors and bankruptcy, lawsuits, loss of government benefits, and potential estate taxes in the future.  (If you think you’ve already solved these problems with the garden variety generation-skipping trust, you need to read on.)

Replace All Outright Distributions
with the Most Innovative and Unique Beneficiary Trust EVER:
The Personal Asset TrustSM

Nationally renowned estate planning attorney, Philip Kavesh, has spent countless hours of research, drafting, designing, redesigning, and perfecting the Personal Asset TrustSM (“PAT”), as well as over 20 years of successfully testing it with clients.

Phil, together with a select group of colleagues who have licensed its use, have sold thousands of PAT updates at an average fee of over $2,500!  (Not to mention the additional premium fees charged for incorporating this incredibly valuable PAT into new Living Trust plans!)

Now, Phil’s making available to the greater estate planning community his tested, proven and easy to sell PAT upgrade to virtually every Living Trust.  It’s easy and simple for any practitioner, regardless of his or her experience or expertise, to implement into your own practice.

So, you’re probably wondering…
What’s So Unique About this Personal Asset TrustSM?

The Personal Asset TrustSM elegantly incorporates the most cutting-edge Trustee, “Trust Protector” and beneficiary powers to accomplish incredible flexibility, appointing outright ownership, while also maximizing the estate and asset protection benefits.

Although Phil pioneered this Personal Asset TrustSM, it is not “new”.  It’s an off-shoot of what has worked in asset protection law for well over 100 years.  He extensively researched the laws and document forms pertaining to asset protection trusts for over 10 years and spent hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in fees to some of the nation’s leading asset protection attorneys in developing this Personal Asset TrustSM.  Essentially, each beneficiary receives a form of an asset protection trust to hold his or her inheritance that springs out of the Living Trust document.

Phil set out to develop something unique.  The garden variety, discretionary, generation-skipping trust offers far less asset protection than desired.  On the other hand, full-blown asset protection trusts are often too complicated and expensive to administer, let alone explain and sell to the client.  This is why Phil came up with an intermediate form of asset protection trust that is much less restrictive and easier for the beneficiary to use.  Most clients don’t want to rule from the grave and excessively burden their loved ones with paperwork, administration and expenses.  So, what was created was an asset protection feature with more mass appeal, that could be added to every Living Trust as a modular Amendment with little or no moving parts to customize or change.

Brief Overview of How the Personal Asset TrustSM Works

The PAT beneficiary may serve as initial sole Trustee, thereby controlling investment of his or her inheritance, as well as how he or she uses it.  The beneficiary may also determine who else can receive the assets both during the beneficiary’s lifetime, as well as after his or her death.  If you think about it, these are virtually all the same rights as outright ownership, but the key distinction here is that the assets continue to be owned in a trust - - with special features designed the thwart attacks by third-party predators.

The beneficiary effectively determines the level of his or her continuing direct involvement in the trust, as Trustee or depending on the level of asset protection he or she requires or desires.  Through meticulously drafted Special Co-Trustee and Trust Protector provisions, the beneficiary can withdraw some or all direct involvement with the trust, while still retaining a substantial level of indirect control, as well as use, benefit and protect trust assets.

And, Probably One of the Most Unique Features of the PAT….

There are also exquisitely crafted provisions permitting income accumulated in the PAT, for protective reasons, to be taxed at a beneficiary’s lower tax bracket and obtaining a step-up in basis of trust assets when the beneficiary passes away!  So now, in addition to its asset protection features, the PAT also includes income tax saving benefits! 

Here's what a few of your attorney colleagues who have implemented the PAT into their practices had to say...

Phil’s Personal Asset TrustSM is one of the most unique and breakthrough Living Trust planning strategies that I’ve seen come out in my 30 years of practicing estate planning.  Most lifetime irrevocable or testamentary trusts are not designed to be the grantor trust to the beneficiary, but Phil had perfectly addressed this with the PAT and the
income tax benefits now being passed over to the beneficiary is HUGE!
My clients love it and I’ve now been able to incorporate this into the planning I offer and really set myself apart from other attorneys out there!

— Kevin Von Tungeln, Esq.
Lancaster, California

I can't recommend the PAT to my attorneys colleagues enough!  It has truly amplified my ability to service my client’s desires to protect beneficiaries with options for optimization, the next best thing to getting outright distributions, which has translated to the justification for higher fees. Phil’s PAT Package is all in one—from training, legal language and provisions, to deliverables to the client—everything you'll need to implementing this product as easy and seamless as possible. I value Phil’s style of teaching and marketing and am confident that my colleagues will too!

— Helayne Levy Payne, J.D.,
LL.M. (Elder Law)
Shallotte, North Carolina

The PAT is one of the most important developments that I have seen in the area of estate planning in years!  As a long-time licensee of the PAT, I can tell you that it has helped our firm in a number of areas.  First, it’s allowed us to increase our fees by bringing greater value to our clients by bringing in an asset protection component into our planning.  It has also helped make my firm less dependent on estate tax planning. And, most importantly, I have seen the PAT work with my clients who needed to lean on it for the asset protection features.  I would encourage all of my colleagues to seriously consider adding the PAT to your practice.

— Keats Boyd III, Esq.
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Add The Personal Asset TrustSM to Your Practice TODAY!

Implement this Personal Asset TrustSM in your own practice to enhance the quality of the estate plan you design for your clients, while increasing your bottom line!  The PAT Package now available includes the legal document form as an Amendment, as well as supported by invaluable technical training, marketing materials, and a plain-English guide on the PAT.

What's Included in the PAT Package:


  • Married & Single PAT Amendment
    • Microsoft Word
    • Very little customization/inserts required
  • Technical Training
    • Discussion of the major technical issues and key legal document provisions
    • Walk through of the legal document form, including a review of what improvements and enhancements have been recently added and made
    • In-Depth Technical Memorandum from Ed Morrow with 100+ footnotes and citations to back up the enhanced income tax benefits of the PAT
  • PAT Beneficiary’s Operating Manual
    • Detailed plain-English Manual that will help you (the attorney) and the beneficiaries better understand the PAT, how it works, and how to make sure it is implemented properly when the time comes - - through short chapters with simple executive summaries and action checklists.


  • Client Amendment Project Marketing
    • Direct mail piece, including cover letter and short more technical memorandum
    • Response/Order Form
  • Marketing Flyer
    • Simple flyer explaining and demonstrating the benefits of the PAT concept
    • Can be used as a handout and for one-on-one talking points/discussion
  • Marketing Training
    • Audio recording where Phil will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to explain, market and sell this unique concept to your prospects, clients and referral sources
  • PowerPoint Slides & Script
    • A few key PowerPoint slides that can be added to any presentation or used as visual aids in your one-on-on meetings
    • Script so that you know exactly what to say for each slide and how to explain the PAT

It’s a win-win for everyone involved and it’s a great way to make sure that you are providing the best estate planning available to your clients!

This Package is available for a one-time licensing fee of just $4,995, which you will quickly and easily make up with a handful of client amendments (not counting what you might upsell your current fees for this added feature).  You have the option to make a one-time single payment or monthly payments.  Once you place your order, you will receive an e-mail within one(1) business day with a link to download your product files.



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