4th Annual Domestic Asset Protection Trust State Rankings Chart

By Steven J. Oshins, J.D., AEP (Distinguished)

Nationally renowned asset protection and estate tax planning attorney, Steven J. Oshins, has put together this chart which analyzes the top 15 states for Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (or “DAPTs”), based on current asset protection laws. Originally released in 2010, this chart is updated each year (around April) and was recently updated. According to Mr. Oshins, the partial-year update in 2013 was that Alaska moved down from #3 to #5 since the prior version had an asterisk noting that it was assuming that Alaska’s attempted legislative change from a 4-year SOL to a 2-year SOL was going to pass. It did not pass, so the chart was updated to reflect this. This update is not intended to be a negative reflection on Alaska, which is still clearly a first-tier DAPT state and remains among the top five states.