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40% of Ruby customers are attorneys.


When it comes to your customers and prospective customers, it's all about first impressions and how they feel when they interact with you and your practice.  Unfortunately, there are an astounding number of attorneys and businessmen and women who make the fatal mistake of not having a live receptionist answer the phone.  Here are 3 main reasons you should consider having a live receptionist answer the phone.

You sound like a startup.

New businesses are fantastic, but when it’s clear you as a business owner are taking on all sorts of tasks, potential clients might wonder how much time you’ll have to dedicate to their needs. A greeting like “Law firm of Kevin Davidson, Kevin speaking” can cause callers to think twice. No matter how big or small your company, answering your own phones might lead potential clients to question your reputability. 

Callers don’t want to talk to the head honcho right away. 

When you’re running the show, you’d think callers would be thrilled to speak with you right off the bat! But that isn’t always the case. Some callers may only be looking for basic information and may become flustered when probed for details about their needs. On the flip side, callers who do want to talk to you may get the impressions they can reach you whenever they want—a dangerous precedent for solopreneurs or small business owners with few employees.

Constant interruptions reduce your productivity.

It takes 23 minutes to regain your focus after an interruption. If you receive five calls a day, that’s nearly two hours spent trying to get back into your flow. Ask yourself, what do your clients need most from you? Do they need you to be at-the-read any time they call, or do they want you to have the time, space, and freedom to make quality decisions? It’s a good bet they’d choose the latter.


A virtual receptionist ensures every call is answered in a friendly, but professional manner. Ruby Receptionists will screen and transfer calls, take messages, answer frequently asked questions about your business and even complete basic client intake forms—all while sounding like we’re right there in your office. Potential customers will feel more at ease being able to bounce initial questions off a receptionist first, and as a bonus, having a receptionist buffer will increase the value of your time to callers. Most importantly, a good virtual receptionist is your first line of defense against distractions.

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