Creating Your List – Things to Talk About With Your Clients in 2015

CA FORUMIt happens to all of us. We go to a wonderful conference; we see a great webinar; we read an important article – and then we plan to change the conversation with referral sources and clients. So, when the inevitable challenges of our personal and professional reality comes in, we end up singing the same old songs of wealth, estate tax, financial, and asset protection planning – thinking months later, where did the change in conversation go?

Successful practitioners explain to us that the way their practice found stability and growth was through finding planning that they could execute on, creating marketing messages surrounding those ideas, and then keeping on point with their electronic marketing as well as conversations with referral sources and clients. Today’s market place is asking for clear new messages and looking for leadership. These successful practitioners realize both concepts and step forward to be an industry leader in their community through simple messaging, engagement, and implementation.

The Southern California Institute partners with industry organizations to find today’s important content and deliver technical knowledge as well as relevant messaging for the practitioner to take home to their own practice. On June 4th SCI will partner with a leading life insurance producer association – The Society of Financial Service Professionals for “Advanced and Trending Strategies – Let’s Be Careful Out There!” Friends and colleagues will gather to add to their talking point list and quite possibly create a new one.

(Click here to view more details and the full agenda for the California Forum 2015 – Allied Professionals Day on June 4th. To register, please visit and click on featured events).

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