Robert Keebler’s 2014 Tax Planning Success Kit

More and more, you’re seeing clients (and prospects) turning their attention away from traditional estate tax and financial planning and toward income tax reduction and asset protection.

Why? Because of ATRA’s higher ordinary and income tax rates, higher capital gains tax rates, deduction phase-outs and higher estate tax exemption, Obamacare’s “net investment income “surtax”, a higher estate tax exemption, and an increasingly lawsuit-happy society!

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to re-tool your practice to meet this new demand for income tax and asset protection planning. You just need to “tweak” how you use many of the techniques already in your bag of tricks (and maybe add a few others).

Regardless of whether you’re a financial advisor, life insurance agent, CPA or estate planning attorney (and regardless of your level of expertise), you need to have the necessary planning tools and techniques at your finger tips – – so you can show them to your clients and prospects before your competitors do!

We have collaborated with one of the nation’s leading experts in tax planning – – Robert S. Keebler, CPA, MST, AEP (Distinguished) – – and are pleased to announce the release of…

Robert Keebler’s 2014 Tax Planning Success Kit

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