NEW CHART: Robert Keebler’s 2013 Year-End Tax Planning Chart

BRAND NEW—The 2013 Year-End Tax Planning Chart

We are pleased to announce the release of Robert Keebler’s new 2013 Year-End Tax Planning Chart. This chart covers the Top 10 Tax Planning Ideas for 2013 including a further look at Roth Conversions, Harvesting Capital Gains, Gain Harvesting on Investments, PEP/PEASE and the 3.8% Healthcare Surtax. This chart takes a number of Bob’s charts and combines them on an easy-to-follow and simple chart to share with your clients and referral sources.

NOTE: The 2013 Year-End Tax Planning Chart is available for purchase on our new credit card processing system and is not included in the quantity discounts noted for the other Client-Friendly Charts available for purchase. A separate transaction will need to be made to purchase this chart along with other charts on this page.

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