But, there's good news for you...


If you're an estate planning attorney running your own law practice, we are certain that you have experienced the roller coaster of ups and downs that come with running a professional practice. Unfortunately, all of the law school and CE courses in the world will not prepare you with the necessary skills and tools you need to run a successful business.

First, ask yourself this.  Have you experienced any one of these problems in your practice?

  • You can't get the right kind of people coming in as clients - - or enough of them on a consistent basis? (Or your marketing has become too expensive?)
  • Once you get clients in the door, you can't efficiently get the work out the door - - without working ridiculous hours? (Or far more than you'd like to?)
  • You can't seem to hire, train, manage and incentivize the right support staff and associate attorneys? (Or you can't seem to keep them?)
  • You have a decent client base, but now don't have anything more to sell them? (And with the higher estate tax exemption, administration work alone can't carry your firm anymore?)
  • Your firm is humming along pretty good, you've licked most or all of these challenges, and now you'd like to cut back your time and enjoy life more, but you've got no feasible exit strategy? (Other than a dream that someday a rich buyer will suddenly appear and plunk down a big pile of cash?)

How do you plan on solving all of these issues?

Keep doing what you're doing and hope for the best?  Nothing?

It's certainly not going to get any easier with the effective and potential elimination of the estate tax and constant battle with low-priced competition.  So, why not let us help by letting us bridge the gap between law school and all those CE courses you take and actually running a successful estate planning practice.






Due to the nature of this event, space will be limited to 15 attorneys and is only available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Additional staff member registrations will be limited to one(1) per person.

Regularly $1,995

One(1) registration to attend

Program outline and flash drive of modifiable exhibits

Welcome reception, breakfast and lunch on Friday and Saturday

Interactive tour of Phil's law firm

Limited Availability—Regularly $2,995

Includes STANDARD Registration, plus...

One(1) key staff member registration

Business coaching session with Phil's business coach before the group

Online access to a training for you and your staff (a $1,495 value!)*

Monthly Payment Plans Available!**

*Refers to access to The Ultimate LevelTM Online Training Program, which includes recorded sessions to a prior event.  Access to The Ultimate LevelTM Online Training Program will be provided following the May 2017 event.

**Monthly payment plans are available provided that your registration fee be paid up in full on or before May 4, 2017.  Your registration is not confirmed until you receive a separate e-mail from The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. confirming your registration.  Additionally, once your registration has been confirmed, there are no refunds on your registration fee. 

"The Ultimate Level is an excellent training program! It’s a true testament to what Phil Kavesh has done by taking what works in his own law practice and distilling it down so that there’s something for everybody. No matter where you are from or where you’re at in your practice—whether you have been in practice for 20 years, have been practicing for 5-10 years, or are just starting out—there’s something for everyone to take away from this program."

"I have to tell you, when my partner and I came to attend The Ultimate Level, we knew we had some great things going for us and our practice. We were literally two kids who created our law practice at our kitchen table and it's grown into what it is today and it's beautiful. But, even though we knew that the firm had so many good things going for it, we also knew that we were off track on some really major things. We honestly didn’t know how to get back on track and we were really kind of at the end of the road, not sure if we were even doing anything right. Thanks to The Ultimate Level, we discovered that not only can we get back on track, but that we can do so easily. This program really reignited and reinvigorated my passion for what it is that we do. Thank you!"

"I am always going to these types of events and I must say that The Ultimate Level has truly and sincerely been one of my favorites—it’s practical, Phil has been there and he has done it. He is doing it. I am going back to the office with a lot of tools and that’s HUGE. With many other programs, I always feel like, “This is great, but what do I do with it?” and I don’t feel that way at all leaving this program."